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Didnt know ps3 got 10 games this year lol. 360 killed this year, i mean a real massacre, butchered the ps3, it wasnt even funny but the ps3 has killer lineup next year. I think it will be the opposite of this year with the 360 getting 3 good exclusives and ps3 getting 10 good exclusives next year. All Ms has is codename kingdoms, xcom, the first templar, gun loco, forza 4, gears 3, and kinect games(although the tgs ones coming look damn good) and Ms always gets pc ports(like divinity 2 and ri...

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LOl your just not looking bro
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
The Last Remnant
Tales of Vesperia
Infinite Undiscovery
Magna Carta 2
Resonance of Fate
FF 13
Eternal Sonata
Enchanted Arms
Star Ocean 4
White knight
Tales of Symphonia 2
Arc Rise Fantasia
The Last Story
And many more i forgot. You must play ...

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mass effect 2
crackdown 2
alan wake
sc conviction
fable 3
divinity 2
99 nights 2
the dragon knight saga
kinect 15+

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Doesnt matter multiplats pawn all. Elder Scrolls 5/Mass Efect 3/Two worlds 2/Project Dark/Crysis 2>ps3 and 360 games. I almost bought a ps3 today but changed my mind. Multiplats are enough plus i still have metro2033, conviction, reach, fable3, crackdown2, mass effect2, alan wake, risen, divinity2, all 360 excl from this year plus enslaved, red dead, castlevania, vanquish, black ops. I have too many games to play to waste money on another console. Il get hate for this but released 360 exc...

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buy used 360 from craigslist for 50 bucks and play tales of vesperia. Then you can play lost odyssey/blue dragon/magna carta 2/in undiscovery also. Its worth getting a 360 if your a jrpg/wrpg fan as 360 has the best ones. Thats why i got mine. Best 80 dollars ever spent over 2years ago.

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Lol.... Los was amazingly epic. I loved the more dark fantasy theme with pan exc and the ending was an OMG moment. Perfect combat, platforming, story, and the length was just right. Better than GOW/DMC/Dantes Inferno in my opinion. Loved it and cant wait for the sequal.

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Its just plain fun. Idk why everybody hates on these games so much, i guess its cool to hate whats popular but i love them. I love them for the campaign, have since i played cod on gamecube. Zombie mode rocks. Dont really play multiplayer but its fun because its fast and easy to get into. Modern warfare had an excellent campaign and black ops is epic so far.

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Kane and lynch 2 is awesome. What other gritty crime games are there like it? I personally loved the sh** out of it. Nier was great, def not perfect but fun and we need more games like this, action jrpgs. Infinite undiscovery is the only other similar game this gen.

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I love ipad/iphone gaming and the epic game shows it can be as good as a psp game and is more convienient but really the psp is old, i want near 360/ps3 levels on a portable handheld. The psp2 will give me that. Psp=ps2, psp2=ps3 or close enough to have games like uncharted, fallout 3, exc on it. Im sick of playing last gen games on the go, i want a portable oblivion, cod, red dead even if its downgraded a bit.

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You ps3 trolls are crazy, you only buy exclusives? No red dead, no new vegas, no fallout 3, boishock, ff13? WTF That is sad. Red dead is as good as any exclusive. Ps3 was shit this year anyways except for gt5 and gow3. Oh wells il go back to my shi*** multiplat new vegas and crap exclusives like fable 3, reach, conviction, mass effect 2, metro 2033, alan wake, risen, the dragon knight saga. I really am missing out with all these lacking games. FOR SHAME!!!!!

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kotor/jade empire
fable 2
fallout 3/oblivion
alan wake
lost odyssey
mass effect
zelda oot
those are some of the best games that need to be experienced

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Poppin in Lost Odyssey and finding that feeling again i used to get from FFX. That was epic. Bioshock seing my first big daddy and gears were epic. Mass effect blew my mind along with alan wake. Too many memories, i could go on and on......

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damn your either in love with this lesbian chick or gay.

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Agree alan wake was a masterpiece. Alpha protocol was great fun, the story and choices were what made it great. Divinity 2 was a very underrated rpg also.

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There has been many great jrpgs this gen
lost odyssey(best jrpg this gen by a MILE the real ff13)
blue dragon(best old school rpg ever by ff creator)
tales of vesperia(best tales game ever)
magna carta 2(kinda like ff12 with a better battle system)
infinite undiscovery
last remnant
star ocean 4
eternal sonata
resonance of fate
enchanted arms(kinda sucky but good battles)

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Much rather see fable, jade empire, kotor 1/2, morrowind remastered for 360 with updated gfx and achievements. Yes they are all bc and fable/jade empire are on live to download but id like them to bump up the gfx add some aa and effects. Those would be buckets of cash for ms and would make me happy.

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fable 3
alan wake
splinter cell
mass effect 2
metro 2033
divinity 2
the dragon kight saga
crackdown 2
99 nights 2
forza 3 ultimate collection
only good copy of black ops/better multiplats like red dead
exclusive dlc for black ops/new vegas
kinect + 15 kinect games
360 slim
arcade games like limbo
good indy games
Give prop...

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It was leaked its a Mass Effect spin off with cod style multiplayer. It wont have shepard, it will be more of a shooter with a big focuson multi. They want to get the cod crowd into mass effect i guess. This isnt confirmed but there was a source from bioware(suppsedly) that said that. Id hope its mass effect 3 before any spinoffs. It was at rpg codex, ceck it out great rpg info/news.

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Damn i shoulda got locked up in England. Thats bogus though people wont ming bein in the joint anymore, free food, canteen, cable, games, as good as ive got it without having to work their ass off. No women though but if your a queer gamer you got it made. Prison should be hell to deter crime, screw all this entitlement crap, its better to be a bum get free food, healthcare, gov checks that to earn what you get. This generation is going to ruin the world, entitlements already destroyed greece...

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I dont play online so replay vlue means nothing except racing or sports games. I prefer a long singleplayer game preferably rpgs. Im 20 hrs in new vegas and have barely gotten started. 70ish hours for lost odyssey, about 30 into divinity 2, into fable 2 and 3 at the monent. Games like enslaved and alan wake(while 2 of the best games ive ever played) are beaten and tossed aside so i rent those. My 2 cents

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