"Long Live Play"


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I agree with that statement but never has a Rockstar game been better on ps3 that used RAGE. LA Noire was better but different engine and Max Payne 3 was about the same as the 360 version. I'm just glad Rockstar finally made the game native 720p for ps3:). That was my gripe with gta4 and red dead. Sure ps3 has had allot of superior multiplats but its been awhile since a high profile game like this was better on it. Idk if infinite was better on ps3 but the last big game I can remember bei...

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Finally ps3 has the better multiplatform version!!! After the sub hd GTA 4 and RDR (no way unplayable but still you know as a ps3 owner your version is not up to par) I would've just been happy with the ps3 version being on par with the 360 and native 720p but Rockstar North did something very few have achieved by having the ps3 version defy all odds . They finally tapped and used the full power of the CELL:D. It feels kinda bittersweet to be honest:)

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So there is only two situations that will result in:
1. We buy the game and it sells well so they will just reskin next years version
2. We don't buy it and it bombs then no more fifa for vita

Man I hate EA so much. Just keep on making crappy mobile games if your not gonna put any effort in the handheld versions of your games

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After playing the beta the last couple of nights there is no doubt in my mind this game is going to be awesome!!! It's crazy how Guerrilla Cambridge made it look so beautiful compared to KZ2&3. This shows that we need more great devs like them and Bend to make awesome games for the vita while utilizing all the systems power. I can't wait for borderlands 2 vita so I can play co-op on the go!!! Cross my finfers for a great port:). This isn't the game the vita needs its the game ...

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Thank you for responding and telling me which ones to anticipate to be good or average lol. I can't wait to try them out:)

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Great news!!!! I love this game so much when I had the xbla version. Sad it never came to PSN for ps3 but at least now I get to experience the greatness known as "DN3D" again with the expansions;). Whoever has played the expansions, how are they exactly in quality?

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I would love it but it's probably not a good idea since stupid mobile gaming is shrinking the dedicated handheld market considerably. I wish that curse to gaming would just go away. If dedicated handhelds die off it will be a very bad thing for gaming in my opinion.

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So first Abe is scrapped and now Dart? Come on Sony Santa Monica promised us more DLC. AT least give us one last good character pack

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Gamescom 2013

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"Video content? Well, Sony Pictures makes Breaking Bad, so you can shove your Master Chief...up your dick "
Lmao I'm sorry this joke was to perfect to pass up

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It's like these sites have an agenda against Sony. I just read Edge has an article saying their "sources" say publishers will implement DRM the same way for both consoles which is complete bs. Difference is Sony doesn't have it built in like Xbones. Jack said it's the same like this gen and for online only. So basically they're saying Sony lied to us twice on the biggest stage? Yea like I believe that for a second. At least Sonys standing up to anti-consumerism

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I just really can't see Insomniac doing that and stabbing Playstation in the back like that. Ted Price isn't that type of person. I understand why they went multi but to go exclusive to the competitor is just a big middle finger to Sony. If it's true then good riddance Insomniac and hope you don't regret your decision.I thought you guys were better than that.

By the way why did I get an extra bubble all of a sudden?

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I want a spinoff for The Last of Us on you

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I really do hope that ND forms a small third team to focus on on vita titles. Sony should do this for all their first party studios especially Naughty Dog. The vita could use a quality Naughty Dog title. Another thing this would do is that it would give younger employees the chance to show their skills and prove themselves. If they do a great job then it will lead them to getting an opportunity to work on a AAA for the ps4. Think about in a sports sense. The ps4 is the big leagues and if they...

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Shit, I'm more excited for that Banjo Kazooie game. Please let it be like the first two and not like nuts and bolts(not that it was a bad game). Can't wait to see Banjo Kazooie: Grunty Land in action:)

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Yea they turned them down

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Smart decision for Sony to pass on this game

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Same here. Even though everybody has been bashing the game because of art style and looking generic;I still plan on buying it.

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First review on metacritic which they have as a 50. Kinda surprised that it was this low.

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I agree. They had a great thing going with Sony. It's a shame they left.

Also at the @disagrees you Xbots mad that your piece of shit cable box is going to be a massive flop? I figured you guys would have admitted that Microsoft messed up big time but no you guys still try to make it seem like it was no big deal. You guys are so delusional especially on this site. Nintendo fans and Sony fans admit it when their company messes up but not you guys. To you Microsoft will ne...

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