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You took a 40 hours nap?

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it's =/= its, ffs.

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E3 2013 Micro conference now with more Usher than ever

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How many JAWS do you have?

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No one does for a SotC movie..

Because there shouldn't be one, SotC is a game, a gem, it tells a story not by dialog, but through an experience that only a game could provide. Wonder if Ueda is involved in this..

Just imagine, Wander chit-chatting with the colossi. Please don't ruin such a masterpiece..

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a petition for an ugly ass filter...

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It makes'em sharper

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Is this a new movie? /s

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If The Last Guardian is bad, I blame Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom. L O L

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360 ver is a bit sharper, wonder if it's a res difference.. Or a bad AA method

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This just shows that non of you watched the vid, or are ignoring the fact that this ver adds a lot to MGS3 gameplay, unless you simply didn't play MGS3, you'd immediately notice the new "crouch walking" and over the shoulder aiming, which can change a lot of the game's dynamics.. None of this is in the collection ver (subsistence ver) so yeah, it's not the same, stop comparing them.

MGS3 is my favorite MGS and I already own the collection on my PS3, ...

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Oh that Agent game..

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But to be fair, it's just saying you should play CoD first because it's not as time consuming as Skyrim, but you gotta love the catchy title

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Ahm, hello?

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The surround sound doesn't work with movies? WHY?

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TBD, but if I had to guess, Nov-Dec :(

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If you can only get one, go with Journey <3

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