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I didn't want it. I wanted a new computer with a rx 480/580 for me too buy or buy buy the parts and build it in Canada is between $1000 -1200. So IF scorpio is $500 it's a steal of a deal because rx480/580 is not going too do 4k/60 fps in high quality and all the games I own on my xbox one account work on scorpio it's a win win.

Everyone talks about xbox exclusives. where are they? I'll tell you where E3(always MS announces every year what games release in...

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Hello no games are coded for Ryzen processors and there's a bug with windows.

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If and I mean if I buy it and I wait a month or 2 after it releases then I'm at a disadvantage and u sir who got it day one are at a advantage. What they needed too do was start us in another part of the galaxy and work your way too earth then it made sense too start new.

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Dude PS4 destiny 1 is 60 fps.

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Advantage? I'm sorry but that's not the point. First they say we will carry over and now they say we don't broken promise. I'm sorry but basically it's a slap in the face too us veteran destiny players. But hey they said thanks for your money please come again this Fall for another expansion.

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The games u are testing the min specs & recommended specs from AMD are the FX processors Not Ryzen processors.

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What a load of garbage Bungie! What is the point in carrying over character designs when our gear & shaders make our character unique don't? Makes me wonder what promises they will feed us and then not deliver. But you will deliver lots of expansions with little content too string us along. Everyone should wait till reviews come out before you buy I will.

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Thank you Mercy.

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How is it weird? The shape, size, feel? It looks like with the joy cons connected a wii u tablet.

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This why I stopped playing and I won't get any character too light lvl 400. Also I'm really mad concerning the PlayStation 4 exclusive content contract that includes destiny 2.

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Nobody needs too watch there backs. Sony has won this gen in terms of sales and MS are finding there stride again. Nintendo is trying yet again too not find itself but too find there product actually sell well. The funny thing is the switch will sell more then the wii u but not sell near wii numbers.
But too sell a switch at launch at the same price as a Xbox 1 S bundle is crazy then again Nintendo f...

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I'm sorry but in Canada a PS4 slim is $349.99 and a PS4 pro is 499.99. So what's the difference we'll the pro has the same CPU as the slim but it's over clocked and the pro has 1 Gb more ram and a better GPU. Is it that worth $150 more? Please stop saying it's a steal for entry 4K gaming let's be honest the Xbox one s upscales too 4K and it has a UMD for $379.99. Yes yes I'm sorry the PS4 pro checkerboards too 4K but that's $499.99 in Canada.

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Yeah It's interesting and have you seen the power Ranger comics that started last year ?

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Bring me evil green Ranger and I'll buy.

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It's a cruel joke from a analyst. But seriously it's Nintendo fault if the switch fails or not and I hope Nintendo doesn't leave the switch too die like wii u.

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The prediction by 2020 switch will sell this much ______ is just a guess and only helps Nintendo fans dream. It's 3rd party games that will sell the switch past wii u numbers.

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For me 360 had the best ui last gen and xbox one has the best ui today(yes I had 2 ps4s). But the ui needs a lot of work and I'm glad the update in April will help. If people come out and say ps4 ui is faster maybe that's because the ram is faster in the ps4 then the xbox one ( the xbox one s ui is actually a little quicker then the original xbox one).

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Wow this is silly.

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I understand that "I couldn't sit on a couch with friends and all play a game together." But look at it this way as we grow up friends move away and family move away. So for me I play with my brother and nephew on xbox live it's easy.

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Wow just wow the fact is you are guessing 60 million or 40 million are going to buy a switch by 2020 not happening that quick because it's too high of a price and it's competing with 2ds/3ds/Xbox one s/ps4 slim/ps4 pro and with every phone/tablet on the market.

Just amazing how Nintendo selling 2 outdated ideas and merging there handheld /console and everyone is this is new and fresh. Why can't Nintendo sell a actual console like Sony with a normal controller at...

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