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maybe their planing a remaster lol..

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Its fine lol

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Been playing Terminal on the beta its been quite fun gotta admit

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Was there any demand for this to be remastered? Im still waiting for Shenmue remasters....

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Ignoring the PS3 are we? Maybe i qualify more as gaming journalist than some people

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This article could be made 10 years ago lmao

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The final boss battles were never that exciting in this series for some reason and UC4 never really delivers really big exciting moments unlike previous games but i enjoyed playing this boss fight to be honest.

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Reviews on movies are mostly first impressions and that´s part of the problem to misleading reviews because some reviewers expect certain things to be there and if their not they easily get disapointed i guess same thing goes for games as well.

A movie before its reviewed it should be watched like 3 times and the first watch should be open minded.

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DNF hype wasnt done the same way the game literaly done exacly the way it was advertised just a fun shooter with a bunch of crazy stuff, people had too big expectations for it.

No mans sky was a constant stream of lies during interviews so they could justify the game´s price tag .

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It could be if it did many things that were supposed to be done and still that´s still a far stretch.

If Bungie could pull of this sort of thing in Destiny 2 that would be awesome

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He´s still with Konami as far we know it might be Silent Hills: Death Stranding. The silent hills trailer shares alot in common with death stranding trailer.

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Well its mostly because it looks very much like the previous game and that´s not exciting isnt it? none the less im hoping this game will be awesome

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After the stunt they pulled with FFXV uncovered this would play really bad...

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Then it should have the instance select option...

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everything is randomly generated by the game itself it just proves that isnt online at all.

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well its a 60 dolar game after all the online feature adds like 25% more fun to the game the worlds are empty spaces for the most part its nice to have the chance to get some company on the way if possible.

edit: im not outraged because i was never hyped for this game anyways but it got my attention none the less.

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This is one of the coolest features that were mentioned and he probably lied just so the game could get more hype by being an MMO experience thing which is not apparently. If this happens to be possible then the developer should clarify it instead of making false promises like a politician.

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That´s really nice

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season pass confirmed

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He should be worried about other things right now this is just a means to have fun

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