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This might have been asked but: Will the DLC work with this new update?

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Love the Bonnie and Clyde aspect. Very excited for this in 2025.

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Have Lies installed on my X but haven't played yet. Same kind of dilemma, as I'm playing backlog AND new stuff that's come out. LOL

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I'm about there as well. Been playing a lot of Cyberpunk since Phantom Liberty came out. Have a lot of hours in Starfield, but that game lends itself to be played in spurts. I really need to get back into Control, finish it, and then get Allan Wake done, before 2 comes out.

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There is a lack of depth to the walls and such. Movement kind of reminds me of Red Faction Guerrilla, with actions like Dead Space and Calisto Protocol. I think it needs more dev time. It is interesting, but...

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I had the Scorpion light gun for this game. It was awesome. Loved all 3 back in the day.

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Big time excited for this game. Loved Man of Medan, and Little Hope. Currently playing House of Ashes. Need to get The Quarry as well.

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Wow! Very cool! A bit surprised EA said no thanks… A good video game adapted board game is always welcome. 👍

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Definitely looks interesting. Not jumping for joy or anything that its mobile, but will try it out.

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The one game during yesterday's show I am truly excited for! Looks amazing, and as has been said already, the monsters look great.

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Amazing series of games (yes, I'm including Andromeda, even with its issues), the lore and world building are great. My favorite games are like this, where the dev puts a lot of time into making the experience deep.

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Exactly! No reason that we cannot enjoy them all. 8)

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I'm excited about the new content and continued support for the game.

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Paul Serene in Quantum Break. That red crap he spews out on the ground is annoying as hell, and random to the point of controller throwing... Still haven't finished the game yet because of this fight, which no matter which part you get into it, die and you start back at the beginning of it.

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Good article. Tend to agree with most. Haven't finished Detroit, but did get far enough to see Hank. He could be interesting in a game that was about him, or a character like him. Dandelion would be really cool to do as a main character in a game. Think an RPG would be good, there could still be combat, but it would be light and probably very dexterity-based. Charisma would play a HUGE role in that kind of game with that character.

Lastly, Naughty Dog did Lost Legacy......

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I've played a fair few rounds of this game on Xbone S. It is fun. I think of it as something to do that's different from the standard FPS/3rd Person game, and don't take it to seriously. I've been able to get a kill, and running around looking for loot can be fun.

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Very interested in this. Looks pretty good, though will have to wait and see the final product.

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Collector's Edition of GTA 5, on PS3. Standing around the Union Gap, WA Gamestop parking lot waiting for the doors to open. Tons of other people around, at night, was interesting to say the least. Good thing was that we all had pre-orders, so we weren't waiting to rush the door, but I did get a lot of envious looks walking out with that big box.

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Great article. I also love Stargate, and really wish we had more games from this awesome IP. I was in the Alpha for Stargate Worlds. It was really ambitious, had a ton of things they wanted to do, and even with the bugs in the Alpha grouping up was fun and exploring the worlds they had open at the time was great. Lots of bugs, but that’s to be expected of an Alpha. Had fun reporting all of the bugs as well, some hilarious and others game breaking. Then, all of a sudden, we got an email thanki...

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For me, it was WoW. Started playing during law school, around early 2006. Have great memories, but towards the end of my time in that game, it started to feel to much like a job. Fun wasn't part of the equation at that point. During that time, I also got a PS3, and from that point to now I was into consoles. Loved WoW, and still remember all the places I visited in that game, as though they were almost real.

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