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This game is a lot better than I thought it would have been.

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Your games anywhere with anyone ? Hmmmm. I’d like all the Bethesda games along with gears and halo to play on my ps4. Please.

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If they add the ps2 & ps1 library mixed with ps4 I’m sure people would go bonkers and buy subscriptions

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I just bought a Xbox one for games pass. I hope it’s supported for at least two years.

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Once games pass is around I think I’ll always have a Xbox it’s just too sweet for a gamer.$10 a month and I play all new Xbox exclusives some nice third party games and a shit load of classics. PlayStation has always been my primary console but The market is opened for both of these consoles to succeed Microsoft just needs to be crafty with pricing and options.

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Games pass won’t fail. It’s already a huge hit, it even got me to buy a Xbox anyone who has a Xbox I am almost positive have games pass. And anyone who is a gamer would have both consoles and enjoy games pass.

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Excuses already. Wow.

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Looks good to me. I am hoping for that lower spec box maybe a digital. PlayStation is my primary console but I love games overall and games pass makes it near impossible for anyone who is a gamer to ignore.

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I just bought a all digital last week. Once they leave games pass running I really don’t care what they do

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Actually it's a cross between ps1 and ps2.

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They are already finding excuses.

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Resident evil, Tekken,bloody raw, Gran Turismo,Spyro, Metal gear, 👀

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Just the fact that ps1 used CDs instead of cartridge. The ps1 was hands down more more powerful games was more realistic and I mite not be able to remember all that well but I am almost positive the ps1 had wayyyyyyyyyy more and better games than the n64 well for my taste atleast. Oh yes I remembered those demo disk. They were passed around like a raw joint. Or a bad b8&ch

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I actually gonna buy a Xbox one x for a cheap price since all new games will be on both systems. And I can just pay for games pass and play whatever current gen games and old classics are available. Now is a nice time to buy a Xbox one x if Xbox isn't your primary console of choice.

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I think the reason Sony isn't rushing is because they still have alot of games releasing this year even new ones. Maximize the amount of sales. It's just hype Microsoft is giving you guys. Sony is still king of games.

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I want to know. Ifbi downloaded this in the pass can I still find it in my previous downloads?? Or is it completely gone?

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My PS4 has the original ps1 start up rite now. Bought it from the store for like 5 dollars or Soo. Love it.

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IDK how you find the time. My backlog of games is huge. And that's just one consoles, I want to get a switch for the family Soo time will be even less for me.

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It's Microsoft way of ensuring they are not forgetting the old generation. Something we all bash them for but this approach is head scratching.

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I just saw a article saying all xboxes will be backwards and forward compatible. IDK if this is good or bad. But o can see lots of people buying just a Xbox one x and buying series x games to play on it.

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