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Come on SONY FANS you cant protect a company that makes Billions of Dollars every Quarter,Sony makes mistakes and they need to MAN UP and Fix them. They are only trying to prove that the Yellow Light of Death is going to happen to most of the Early Launched PS3s,and charging the Consumer an extra $100 to fix a PS3 that they know is going to Yellow Light Death is wrong.

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You say Microsoft is Desperate I say Microsoft is smart,the average parent will still thinks $300 is to much money for the PS3 and the XBOX360 Elite. Now these parents can buy the XBOX360 Arcade for $199 that comes with free Games and a extra $100 to buy more Games, This is a very smart move by Microsoft.

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Im sorry guys but Activision dont need Sony because they are not makin a profit on the PS3. You cant add the sales of the PS3 and the XBOX360 games together and say that they are makin a profit because they are not.They are makin a big profit off the Xbox360 because the games sale more on the 360, the development is a lot cheaper and Microsoft royalties are a lot cheaper.They are loosing money on the PS3 because development is higher and 400 million dollars in royalties is to high. You want p...

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You guys can think its a bluff but its not. Activision paid Sony 400 million Dollars in Royalties, you can add up the sales of all of Activision games on the PS3 and it comes nowhere near the 400 million Dollars Sony charged them in Royalties.

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Halo 3 sold 10 million copies and it is still the number 1 played game on xbox live. When 10 million people goes out and buy a game that game was a master piece for its time. Now to all the SONY fans HALO 3 sold more copies than little big planet,killzone,metal gear 4 and uncharted combined so stop all the hate.If all u sony fans would get off of your azz and buy games for your PS3 maybe u would feel better.

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Sony fans are a joke, I remember two years ago when SONY laid off 10,000 workers and closed about 10 Sony Plants world wide just so they could have the money to build the PS3.SONY even borrowed 80 million dollars from the Japan Bankers so they wouldnt have to close anymore SONY PLANTS.There will be another XBOX, but i dont think there will be a Playstation anytime soon.

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If this games was on the 360 it would have sold at least 2 million on release day.This is a shame SONY biggest games of the year will struggle to sale 2 million and the developers will not make their money back.

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You Sir Are One Stupid AZZ WHOLE

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You Sound like a DUMB AZZ FOOL, some of you PS3 FANS need to grow up.

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I have been a member of N4G for a long time now, and I too own both systems. Most of the PS3 Fans in N4G are GARBAGE, and N4G is the LANDFIELD they live in. What realy PISSES me OFF is HipHopGamer own both Systems and the average PS3 Fan in N4G dont. HipHopGamer the minute you say something Bad about the 360 the PS3 Fans Love and Praises your show, but when you say something bad about the PS3 they start Crying like a bunch of Little GIRLS. HipHopGamer welcome to N4G AKA DAYCARE CENTER 4GAMERS...

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The XFPS PRO works perfect on the 360 FPS, its just like playing FPS PC games with a mouse and Keyboard. The only problem with the XFPS PRO is you cannot use the 360 headset with it. Go to YOUTUBE and search XFPS PRO 360 and you will see a guy using it in Call of duty 4. The guys using the 360 control pad cant touch him.

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The 360 picked up steam this week,Its going to get better once Microsoft drops the price this month.

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The Average 360 fan is an Adult gamer and thats why the Attatch rate of the 360 is so high, adults dont have to ask Mommy and Daddy to buy games. The average 360 gamer will not waist time fussing with a teenage PS3 FaN.

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Well I Guess the 360 will have the better version of DARK SECTOR.

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Then I Guess You Hate Your self IDIOT.

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Why dont you two Guys just call SONY and ask them why Best Buy stop Stocking 80 gig PS3s. Stop making Excuses, the 80 gig wasnt selling very well and Best Buy told SONy to get this BULLSHLT out of our warehouse.

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The 360 is a BEAST, now all MICROSOFT need to do is drop the price and its game over.

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Plourde pointed out Vegas 2’s improved lighting and better shadows, and then noted that optimizations the team was forced to make so Vegas would run well on the PlayStation 3 and its lesser memory complement are now benefiting 360 owners in the form of performance increases — i.e., a smoother framerate — for Vegas 2.
Case Closed the 360 will have the better version period. READ PAGE 3.

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Man that is a shame UNREAL only sold 147,824 copies on the PS3. Some of you PS3 fans need to start buying games because this looks bad.

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