Should I grow up eventually?


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Look, I love video games. They're such an important part of my life as a whole. But man, I'd really like to see a new video game crash like in 1983. Some evil giants must fall for the sake of gaming and the art of making games.

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The perception we have about certain cultural products (movies, games, comics) is clearly defined by how old we were when we first experienced them. I feel like many people just wasn't aware of FF7, despite the heavy marketing deployed by Squaresoft. FF8 came out two years later, and then many teenagers were eagerly awaiting to enjoy every frame of it. I was one of them and have to admit it felt like the new standard. It was like the FF series reached a professional level. The game looked...

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Yeah, probably it will have achievements, but I don't care about 'em when I play out of Steam (on PC). I'm not a fan of Epic either, but I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy. Couldn't buy a PS4 when the remake was released, so I decided to wait for it to come to PC. I'm very happy right now

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Ooh man, I've waited so much for this, It doesn't matter if it's EGS, actually a good thing is that I won't be caring about achievements then

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I know it's your opinion but just can't understand how would you hate 3 while loving 1 and 4. I like all of them but 3 is perfection IMO. Some of the best bosses, smart use of the gameplay to tell a story, and a smooth deploy of the argument towards the epic final battle, which feels surprising and natural at the same time. Almost no movie or game achieves that.

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Man just look his face

"-Uh, Sir? Phrenology was dismissed as quackery 160 years ago. -Of course you'd say that... you have the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter!

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Is that bad?

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Oh it's so nice to read you guys. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who loves Martinaise

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I'm sure it's the right decision. 100% support for Yoshi

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Yeah... Please do. This game is a refined dish for the mind

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heh, this was nice, actually. Amazing work

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Of course, no game is *literally* perfect, but when I think of Undertale, I can't imagine a way to make it better

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Unbelievable how this guy is still the Activision head after so many years. Most of the industry vices we see today have been perpetrated by him (always in the legal side, of course ¬¬)

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Ray tracing can or not be a thing. In some games it is night and day, in others it's barely noticeable. The point is, in all honesty, GT7 is not showing a generational leap in graphics, like at all. And most installments in the series (from the first one) used to look like they came from the future. Will it look great? Of course, but you could argue that most games have been looking great from some years now.

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Thanks, those are interesting facts indeed, even if some of them are not directly related to simulation. I mean, as a Williams fan I love TAG Heuer liveries, but I don't think that their presence impacts how accurately cars are reproduced. The exclusive release of concepts cars is pretty cool though.

Asseto Corsa milestones are not that impressive, but the work they have made to capture the feedback of real cars is at an obsessive level, particularly wi...

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If you're into actual hardcore simulators, why Gran Turismo over Asseto Corsa or iRacing? Just curious

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Looking nice, but I'll still take my time to buy it again

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Yeah... Good luck pursuing new... opportunities

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I really want to try BG3 but it's a shame that they didn't dropped the price a penny during Summer sale. I'm still playing deadfire and next in the queue is Divinity II so no hurries. I'll wait for a discount or for a full release, whatever happens first.

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