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I canceled my playstation premium subscription last month, grabbed my Steam Deck and bought the GOTY edition of the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, three Battlefield games and the Mass Effect Trilogy for a total of 40'ish Euros.

Couldn't be happier and I doubt I'll be buying any newly released game this next year other than maybe Black Myth; Wukong.

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I'd say let them. Let these big companies double down on all the live service games until there is no more money to fund their projects and these money grubbers eventually go bankrupt.

You're already seeing new companies being set up by ex-employees who have been fired or are so fed up with where the AAA industry has gone that there's nothing left but innovative games. Maybe not all good, but innovative.

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It's sad to admit, but I feel a little burned out by this game. I just finished the Gold Saucer area and am now working on the side missions to unlock minigames like Fort Condor. But it all feels so bloated and tedious (I'm looking at you, Costa Del Sol). There is absolutely no variety or challenge; just Far Cry open-world stuff, hosted by the most irritating character who just doesn't belong in this universe.

The pacing really isn't there, the mysterious an...

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Me and most of my concept art buddies got laid off as well a few days back –different daughter company though. Such a wonderful start of this magical month 🤣

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I've always been a PlayStation gamer and had a PS Premium subscription from the start, but for the last two months since I got my Steam Deck, I've mostly used my PlayStation for streaming services. So given these new prices and the lack of interesting retro games that make Premium worthwhile, I really see no reason to renew it.

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I'm wondering what would be a good approach for the next Tomb Raider, if they decide to make another reboot I mean. I'd say definitely more exploring, climbing puzzles, next to no human enemies and that desolated feel without going full Beksiński.

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Oh yes, that would certainly make the game more challenging, but even then I feel like it wouldn't be able to match the older games.

In the first couple of Tomb Raiders games, for example, there were times when you had to jump sideways up a slope, slide down until the right moment and then jump forward to grab a ledge that for the first two hours you didn't even see was there and instead chose to scout through the area to see if you had missed a switch somewhere. No...

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I'm really looking forward to a Tomb Raider game again that isn't so focused on telling a heavily emotionally charged story or features terrible gameplay elements like x-ray vision that eliminates any kind of challenge.

Just a classic TR game that drops you into this totally desolate, foreboding environment and isn't afraid to leave you scratching your head quite a bit about how to proceed. No endless amount of mercenaries that are miraculously always one step ...

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@Rowco147 Nah, not really. Don't even remember saying that tbh as I'm very excited about VR. I actually started working at a VR company on the 2nd of January this year 😉

Edit: Looked back at my comment and I said the opposite really. That I'm confident that we'll be getting more than enough triple A games that are 12+ hours. Can't say that they will be that long since they're very demanding but graphics and gameplay wise HL Alyx and Horizon a...

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I wore the PSVR2 for the first time today to test out a few games we're working on and I have to admit it's by far my favorite VR headset. It all runs so effortlessly, the graphics are insane, it's super light and the haptic triggers allow us to add so much more gameplay elements that add to the immersion. Well done Sony!

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I can't even remember one FF character being in KH3, other than a statue of Cloud... Let's hope they're not pulling a Superman on us here and actually bring back some of the main cast back for KH4.

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Can't believe that this post is still up (and that my comment has been flagged as inappropriate 🙄)

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Maybe developers are finally starting to understand that it's totally fine to keep the core of a good franchise untouched instead of shaping it into something more aimed towards a 'modern audience'.

Naah!! Who am I kidding? There is still a plethora of beautiful IPs that need to be completely ruined! Let's go!

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I've booted up the game again about two weeks ago, just taking things very slow. I haven't even reached the Ladies of the Wood quest yet so plenty to enjoy with the upgraded visuals (And then there's of course the jaw dropping Blood and Wine DLC🙌🏻)

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Haha alright, alright. Let me elaborate, sweety 😉

Last time I played Skyrim was back when it originally appeared on the PS3, so going back to it would feel like somewhat of a fresh experience, with better graphics ofcourse. Also never touched the DLC so that's a plus!

Since I have a full-time job and value my social life a lot, I don't have all the time in the world to try out every game I'm curious about. The Division 2 did spark my i...

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Insane lineup! Was actually thinking of getting back into Skyrim and always wanted to give Division 2 a go but never around it.

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Thank you.

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It's a steep price but compared to other VR headsets it isn't. I guess it comes down to the games it eventually has to offer. If it's anything similar to the first generation, I'll gladly skip this one as well.
Having said that, I do have the feeling that Sony is going all out this time and we'll be getting more than enough triple A quality, 12+ hour games. In any case, no day one purchase from me.

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I'm not sold on this unfortunately. The game looks very MMO'ish to me; bare environments, uninspired costumes and the typical glowy stuff to make it pop a little bit. Also, what Lightning Mister Bubbles sorta said, I'd rather see a personal (love) story with lots of variable environments than this political plot. To me Final Fantasy was always about a small group of people traveling the world, making friends along the way, stumble upon hidden villages, etc. and I would just love t...

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