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Hopefully the IGNorant journalists get the boot and not EG.

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The VR version might be too scary

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They’re cover image cutout should have been better.

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Which console is RDR2 running on in your link? It doesn't actually say. Also TLoU Pt2 is visually more detailed even in that video.

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They've got my attention with the castlevania tie in.

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PSVR2 support would be great. I just wrapped up my paythrough of RE4R. The REs are so amazing in VR but I don't mind if the VR port or RE9 takes its time.

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Where do you get such a PC for $700?

As for Cyberpunk I'd say that was poorly optimized for console hardware.

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Disagree. TLoU Pt2 was more detailed, at least when compared on console hardware.

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I was expecting Kayak VR and possibly Puzzling Places.

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Yeah. It was just a fad. Good game though

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This looks pretty good. RIGZ made me queasy but I've got better VR legs now (I think).

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Perhaps true. I loved it about as much as the OG. 10/10 from me.

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I hope you aren’t suggesting this is an all time sales forecast. I was referring to the actual time stated. FY2025 is in pretty much one year. Just under as I stated.

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77m in under a year is mighty impressive.

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The big money in consoles, or Steam for that matter, is in the 30% cut that you make on all games. This is why Xbox is pretty much screwed as they didn't target that. If Sony puts everything on PC they will lose their share of 3rd party games as those 3rd party games would be bought on PC. Its best to keep your platform the thriving ecosystem hence you give timed exclusives to your home console, unless the game is not relevant such as GAAS which might as well be ...

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What would make you think that?

Edit nvm. Didn't realize you were an alt.

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From what I can ascertain PC is a smaller market than PS. There are occasionally times when PC looks to be stronger but overall it's still behind.

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I really need to know when funding passes XX billion dollars. Please bless us with that update.

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“CPU is going to let it down though frame rate wise.“

This is just what a .5 console update has to have. You can’t introduce a new CPU until a new gen. And that being said with “frame gen” the Pros PSSR would boost FPS without a bump in CPU.

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What does the article explain here exactly? Just looking for clicks.

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