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A delay is a delay. Doesnt matter how well a company sugar coats it.

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Gears of War has always been known to be a visual pusher. Gears 4 looks set to continue that trend. Looking forward to it.

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Cash in? On a companies rejects? I think this is all PR talk just to sound good. Lol those buying into this are pretty naive

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Thats great news. Canpaign doesn't need 60. Multi definitely but i would like to see what they can really do with double the processing power

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Pachter please, Gamers don't know what business decisions are.

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Fans are stupid for listening to the media. The media is stupid for feeding the fans garbage.

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Hope it works out for you. I am a PC gamer mostly and I'm not getting VR. Ill be upgrading my PC though.

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I am not into VR. My point is $600 dollars is affordable these days. Its a weeks work for the average person.

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Were you gaming back then? Everyone was talking about Xbox becoming a PC App. I remember it 5 years ago. nothing has changed since.

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Except the part, your not speaking the truth, your just speaking trash.

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So now I'm reading power doesn't matter? Make up your mind fanboys.

Of course most of you will choose PSVR over PCVR,. same reason why gamers will pick an XB1 over a PC.

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Unlike the past it wasn't necessary. Todays standards games come out broken. Its a must these days or you will be playing half baked games. What happens if you brought SFV? How do you get the other half of the game that you paid for? Its not on the disc. Disc are useless today.

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And that's why you only have 3 bubbles.

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I love how so many kids and fanboys in this thread know more about how multi billion dollar businesses run then the actual business themselves. Its fascinating. I wonder if they ever ask themselves why MS is one of the most successful buisnesses in the world.

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Whats affordable? Just tell us already. $600 is affordable. But i am not buying any accessory over $250

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Pac-Man on the Atari 2600.. those were good old days

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I still haven't seen a good enough reason to keep discs. You still have to download the games patchs which still require the net. I also have many Disc games that no longer operate due to closed servers.. eg Warhammer Online.

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Im curious to know why you think MS is? Guess Valve are stupid aswell

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Thanks its my Steam Username aswell. As for damage control, its just a brand. The talent are the people behind it. I couldn't care who makes a game aslong as there good.

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Feel sorry for the game releasing at the same time as this.. sarcasm

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