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Their loss. -shrugs-

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Gotta miss those days when Rockstar pumped out games every other year.

Nowadays it's taking them at least half a decade to come out with one.

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I'm sorry but I'm certain I was talking about users from REDDIT. These opinions I read aren't from N4G, where they spout blind hate and discrimination toward another company's game series.

Secondly these tens of millions of sales were probably because ND has a loyal fan base, which ppl bought sequels/spinoff because they want more Uncharted or anything Uncharted related. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if some folks here in N4G bought t...

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Looking through a lot of ppls opinions about Uncharted via Reddit (outside of their fan page of course) many people are saying they're pretty average games.

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Boooo give us TLOU!!

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No you're lying. YOU'RE ALL LYING!!!

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I think it's safe to say everybody and their grandmother has a copy of TESV: Skyrim. I must've bought like three copies so far.

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More like a taste of our own medicine lol.

Now we know how they felt every time we teabagged their dead corpse.

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Another day another canon blast exploding through Activision Blizzard's ship.

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Do you guys remember back then when preordering a physical copy of a game and going to midnight launches for them? I vividly remember those times when I got my copy of Halo 3, Fallout 3, and God of War 3 at Gamestop with a bunch of other people waiting in line.

Now that physical media has changed so much, that magic is no longer there anymore.

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Knowing Turtle Rock, there will bound to be tons of microtransactions when this game releases.

I've heard one of the reasons Turtle Rock left Valve was because they disagreed with the monetization scheme for Left 4 Dead. Valve didn't want it, at the time, but Turtle Rock did. Since the property was Valve's there wasn't much they could do once they said no.

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I'll be one in the minority group who has never touched GTA5.

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I know right? Like who's going to pay for all of the property damages like the broken windows and burning cars? I doubt Superman himself hardly makes enough to cover all of the expenses. He's not a billionaire like Bruce Wayne.

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Just Monika

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I swear if they say CHAOS one more time...

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Literally no PC players were downplaying PS4 exclusives. Please prove me wrong though.

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I've heard a lot of good things about FF14, but I hate having to pay monthly for a game that I already bought. Thus why I don't play WoW

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It wouldn't be a Bethesda game without bugs and glitches ffs.

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