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It's IGN...

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"I ain't afraid of no, Quake!" Ah, the good old FPS days.

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I can't seem to understand the rules anymore. Don't be shocked if it all comes crumbling down in the near future. We need a Fast and Hard Reset. Bad needs to equal Bad. Abnormal needs to equal Abnormal. Rules need to apply to Everyone. But I am only a 49 yr old white man.. so...

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Well, I did. Twice. And here we are...

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Space Pirates

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Yes and Yes. It's still 2020, so we have to stretch out for something positive.

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I am more bummed that they did not put DualSense in for this title. RT would have been great, but speaking of resolution, how do we know they are not using a form of sampling? The result could be better than you think.

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Wish they could have made room for led backlit buttons.. but she does look nice to get your hands on

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Why would I choose this over having a Series X and 2 years of GamePass? I have enough storefronts thanks

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Lack of details seems to be a trend this console generation launch.

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Why is one dude, dreaming about another dude, playing with his dude?

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Maybe future physical media games should come on a cartridge based on an NVMe SSD.

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I would assume that this would be the same as using the dual 6 pin connectors available on a lot of larger powers supplies that have been available for a long time. True, some people might have to make a change if this is the case or if it is truly an all new plug, however, there are standards at play here... so this might need to involve the entire industry and would be a much larger conversation than just Nvidia forcing a new part on everyone.

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Maximum Trailer Font because More always = better

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I would retract my statement now that you edited yours IF I could. I just realized it says PS Now not PS Plus.

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Nope, sorry Not "Legion"
Watch Dogs 2

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Sick people with mental illness plague our planet. Love, Hate or Indifferent... no person should ever face threats or real violence. A Human Life will ALWAYS be infinitely more important than any Video Game. Grow up. (I do not like what they did with the game.) But I will defend every life at ND.

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I am getting a bit nervous about the pricing as it gets further into summer. The talk about higher game prices doesn't exactly calm the idea of possible high $ for the consoles. Is it not time for some good news this year?

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