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The Kojima announcement came after the part of the show where a Microsoft rep came out and said the rest of the games are 360 exclusives because the first part was all 3rd party multiplatform.

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I know Sony likes to praise it's own franchises, but like it or not MS has Halo so they have a well known in house game too.

The PS2 had games from every 3rd party and the big ones were timed exclusive like 360 sometimes gets now...or exclusive DLC.

Honestly from a games standpoint the Wii is the closest to putting out games as fast as PS2 did. 360 is 2nd place on releases. And PS3 is still working on support in 3rd.

And basically there's the sta...

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if it costs 5 bucks I'll think about it.

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Some people have no life.

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PS3 owners aren't going to buy Yoda, but Vader will sell.

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all reviews bow down.

Next thing Tomb Raider will all of a sudden get

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...and that's not limited to 360

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He let the entire staff of the XBOX division run up in him from behind and made them all micro and soft.

So then they all thought he was great and said he should represent them because he could be a reflection of their happiness.

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they remind me of Jet Jaguar from Godzilla...they just aren't as tall.

5697d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment's a time bomb.

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who spend multiple weeks of time building the most awesome levels in LBP and Sony is letting them know they better be doing it because they love doing it.

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all the reviews basically say it's a revolutionary game overall...that LBP is where videogames are headed.

But for some odd reason most reviews don't give it a 10?

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it's not a shooter...and read the article because this is the only real deal Navy Seal game.

Go play in make believe land, chief.

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Sure, the 360 will have sold more than the PS3 to the day when Microsoft releases the next Xbox in less than 2 years. But since the PS3 will be around longer, its overall sales numbers will be much larger in the long run compared to the 360.

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Come on, MS practically started DLC for consoles because the disc was too small to hold all the content, and that right there adds tons of revenue for the gaming industry. DLC is now an accepted practice...even Sony uses DLC to make more money since consumers supported it.

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you have to remember that developing for the PS3 was different for the 3rd parties. 3rd parties started HD game development in most cases for the 360. Of course MS stepped in to lock down some early exclusivity because those games were pretty much done already for the 360 and it was easy to get the game out and start making money. But don't think games that are developed for the PS3 are all going to go multi. Microsoft may be generous to the 3rd parties, but they have to spend their money...

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once you get one you want another

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