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Nope 90% of the time I try and remain civil and it just gets me nowhere.

I figured id just let it go. why bother.

No one else does

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I don't like it. Just being honest.

You can like it though. That is fine with me.


you guys are funny.

I disagree that this game is good, or good looking. Might as well slap a NFS title on it. cause that's what it looks like.

Does the disagree button equate to stroking another ps4 fanboy off? or do you guys just like doing that to anyone outside the hivemind?

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I see photoshopped sprites for the flame.

just pointing that out.

Notice the blur masked area along the whole spout of the flame.

looks good though

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2500k will go down in history as one of the best value processors ever released.

It pushes bf4 along like a charm 60fps stable/Locked all at ultra.

so much oc potential and I haven't even oc'd yet.

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That was funny. bubs

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Bullshots are entirely playable on pc now. I posted this comment up the screen a little.

If you don't want to read it all. We PC dudes play "bullshots" now. (Supersampling Realtime)

Did you know that battlefield 4 lets you essentially play "Ingame rendered photos"

Its is supersampling and it is a ticker in bf4 settings that allows you to do essentially that but on every frame. Boy does it improve clarity.

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Did you know that battlefield 4 lets you essentially play "Ingame rendered photos"

Its is supersampling and it is a ticker in bf4 settings that allows you to do essentially that but on every frame. Boy does it improve clarity.

I when playing battlefield 4 essentially play bullshots but realtime official stats would be 1920X1200 Times 200% supersampling.

essentially 3840x2160 on a 1080ish monitor.

Welcome to the fu...

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Reply to monkeyDzoro since it wont let me.

Panorama pictures when in a video game, FPS matters.

Motion blur is not used to create a sense of focus on a precise field of view. that is entirely unrelated FOV is the width of the angles in degrees that the camera sees horizontally.

what you are looking for is "Depth of Field"

Used to focus or "emulate focus" on different elements in the scene based on distanc...

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Xbox and Playstation is like mcdonalds. It always tastes "good" but its nothing like even a 3 star meal.

been looking for a way to put that for years. :D

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If its not sony doing it then ther is always an excuse. :D

no biggie your club membership will still be good if you think a game looks better on the other side of the fence.

that partially overhead shot of that green/white car just struck awe cant believe the detail in everything. I especially like the beaded water.

I wonder if it will move like in pgr4 if not it might end up looking good in screenshots but not in motion.

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So crisis 3 literally comes out with a game called predator mode, and it sucks.

This seems along those lines. boring after a few games.

it is pretty much the same thing. just different "shaped" characters

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My thoughts were source engine.

But the first comments were unity, and unity is sneaky being all over the place.

but my guess is source engine.

now im gonna go look it up

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Im starting to realize that being a "Gamer" is just about as bad as being a sports fan.

Designed for idotertainment.

Disagree with anyone for anything and you get attacked.

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If this game is any bit as procedural as it claims to be, then I see this becoming the next minecraft in terms of popularity.

Just too much to love in this game and its design.

Cant wait to see it or try it if it comes to PC.

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I know its unpopular to say this but I like IE just fine.

It is actually faster than chrome and Mozilla atm as well.

Full comprehensive testing has been done. Ie wins 75% of the tests performed. Many different groups have come to the same conclusion.

Chrome is good and so is firefox. but all the realworld testing as of 2013 Ie is back on top of the performance category.

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Lol at driveclub references... dream on.

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lol I bought my pc 3 years ago and its still miles better than the ps4...

Ive only upgraded the videocard.

the cpu is original and it still spanks the 8 cores of a jaguar

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RIP Tom Clancy

even though most of the games were bad, this one might not be. looks to be pretty impressive so far n stuff

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omg will it compare to ps4 cause sony?

of course not no way anything can possibly compare. and if it looks better its only because its not 400 dollars.

cause sony

really gets on my nerves man. Ps4 sony crap always an excuse. always a reason not to just give credit where its due.

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