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Game of the decade.

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LOL at those PStards, go play your first-party garbage!

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Why they are making a sequel? This game resulted a flop in sales. Poor Sony, they should be reeeeeeeeeeealy desesperated.

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653.000 DS? 0.0 That's more than the sales of 4 months for PSP combined.

And the Wii is raping the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Wii is beating the sh!t out of the PS3, and the 360 is doing far better too. WOW Sony, you are in trouble.

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So, this game is being created by a group of amateurs? LOL

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Depressing sales for the PS3, and according to Sony, they were selling "really well".

Looks like Wii is going to sell 1 million or more units this November, and 360 is doing pretty good.

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7.5? I don't think so.

Probably the sales would be like this:

360v: 2.000.000
PS2v: 1.700.000
Wiiv: 1.500.000
PS3: 750.000

That's like 5 millions. Awesome numbers for Red Octane.

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So, post in blogs is the best that Sony can do? Do games jerks, who cares about sh!tty blogs.

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That game is going to be fantastic according to the latest 1UP yours.

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Infamous is going to be sh!t, why? Because that's all the PS3 first-party software (see the reviews).

The sleeper hit of 2008 is going to be Brutal Legend, Tim Schaffer has some really cool ideas and this game so far looks 'Brutal'.

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"PS3 port" LMAO, every developer uses the Xbox 360 as the lead machine.

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Gay Gamer = Sony Defence Force.

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Poor Uncharted, as all the other PS3 first-party games, it failed to obtain critical and comercial success.

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He created the best rated game of the decade. Kudos Shiggy

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Only a numbnuts would believe that the PS3 is selling well.

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NinjaBread Man comes to mind.

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This game has failure written all over it. Golden axe, that franchise is death, and this game looks awkward.

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The Orange Box is sh!t on the PS3. Read the previews.

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