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You are such a delusional troll. MS WILL leave the gaming industry if the Xbone does not works out because they do not care about gaming. They are a computer software company. They got in to gaming for taking over the living room and the potential money they could make with it but they failed miserably with their TVTVTV focus. Gaming is not their bread and butter and they do not take it seriously unlike Nintendo and Sony. What "better games" are you ta...

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If the PS4 reaches that number it will solidify its position as the leader for the rest of this console generation. It will become increasingly difficulty for the competitors to catch up with PS4 as the time goes by, especially once the AAA exclusives and exclusive JRPGs start pouring in. I wish that the Order 1886 turns out to be a hit and FFXV arrives soon because that is when I will buy a PS4 and contribute to that sales target. :-)

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I wish the internet and the computer screen allowed to punch somebody in the face for being such a huge troll and hater, from the comfort of your home... Maybe someday we will have the technology and finally be able silence people like you who persistently spurt annoying nonsense and bullsh*t while hiding behind your computer.

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I have been on this website for 8 years and TBH that is the attitude I have often seen from Nintendo fans. He obviously used that imaginary dialogue as an analogy but it is spot on. Nintendo is like a god for most of their fans; Nintendo can do no wrong. If tomorrow Nintendo started their former love hotel business then that would become a virtue. If tomorrow they started punching babies and kicking puppies then it would be the best and most "fun" thing to do for Nintendo fans. They...

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You are understating the years man. NINE YEARS since the game was revealed in 2005! Whole 9 YEARS and the game is still nowhere near completion!

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I agree. More meaningless "update" on the game that actually tells nothing. We have heard things like "the game has gone into full development" before and they still have nothing to show for it. The game should be nearing completion instead of "breaking in to important phase!" I am tired of waiting! >_<

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O_O Spare some for the poor as well, your grace.

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People have been bashing all other racing games including Driveclub, Forza and GT after seeing those earlier Project Cars screenshots without even laying a hand on the actual game themselves. Now we see how the game actually looks during gameplay. I dont know how people get so easily fooled and hyped by bullshots. I think a lot of eyes will be opened and hearts will be broken when the actual game releases.

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And Driveclub makes Forza look like crap. Dumb cardboard crowd and baked lighting on a supposedly nextgen console. No wonder it runs at 60 fps with those last-gen graphics.

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This is the NPD and the rest of the world has got nothing to do with those numbers so stop making excuses! PS4 outsold Xbone despite the release of the mighty Titanfall in MS's home turf! Just acknowledge it. MS knew what the NPD results were going to look like once again and that is why they dropped Kinect. The Xbone just cannot match the PS4's strength.


It is strange that the game is slated to be released this year but there is no information about it... Maybe we will finally get a blowout this E3. This game along with Fatal Frame and Legend of Zelda are the ones that may make me get a Wii U finally.

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The article contains nothing to backup that title except conjecture, rumours and coca cola and pepsi... :/
Do people really think that all the Sony first party studios are sitting idly, arent working on any games and they have no plans for E3? Sony's track record is enough to expect them to reveal several exclusive games. Even the PS3 is getting quality exclusives this late in the console's life cycle.

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A few seconds of new footage after a year of wait... :/ Are they even working on this game? When they showed it at the last E3, I was pleased to see some gameplay. However, once again the game is missing in action for almost a year. We got the same trailer with a few seconds of new footage at TGS 2013 and they do the same thing now. WTH is SE is doing!? I really hope they do not do the same thing at E3 2014. They are killing this game with their snail-paced development!

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Can it do Metal Gear, Infamous, Forza, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Order 1886, Final Fantasy, Uncharted and The Last of Us in 1080p?? Guess not, so keep PCs out of the discussion. Power is meaningless without desireable games to play. Furthermore, the GPU maybe 120 pounds but what about the rest of the PC? A good mobo, a decent CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 700W power supply, a GPU cooling system if you live in hot climate, Genuine Windows OS, minimum 21" LED Display, disc drive, gaming mouse, ga...

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They have already taken all the time in the world. It has been almost a DECADE since they first revealed this game in 2005! That is more than enough time to make a good game. How much longer do they need? I for one want it to be released as soon as possible. I am tired of waiting for this game. Just imagine; I have been waiting for 9 YEARS! I was a college student at the time and now I am a married man with children! Sometimes I lose all hope and wonder if this ...

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This game is aimed at the Japanese gamers. It is a combination of the Idol Management genre and RPG in attempt to create something unique. Just like Persona 3 combined Dating Simulation with RPG genre. Idols are a big thing in Japan and are the object of affection and fascination of millions of men while it is unheard of in the west so this game will appeal to Japanese only. However, Persona did become popular in the west after combining Dating Simulation elements with the RPG genre so who kn...

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Microsoft should stop running their mouths by now. Bury the issue; it is over now. Everybody knows that it is weaker than PS4. They should just be honest and admit it instead of spinning it even after six months of release. Just focus on providing quality games. Having the weaker console is not the end for them. Every time people start forgetting about the resolutiongate and power difference between the two consoles, Microsoft open their mouths and humiliate themselves once more.

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People will not like it since supporting homosexuality is the latest sign of modernity and liberalism but I do not support gay marriages or gay rights. Nintendo is doing the right thing here. Homosexuality and gay marriages are unnatural and abnormal. Same sex marriages are sterile; they cannot have children. If they adopt children, they will always lack a mother or a father. How will they deal with the society and face other children who have both a mother and a father? What kind of adults s...

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LOL. Man, you just made a fool of yourself in front of all the Nintendo fans. Satoru Iwata is the CEO and that is the person everyone is demanding to be removed. Shigeru Miyamoto is the legendary creator of some of the most critically acclaimed and selling videogames including Mario, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. Furthermore, you spelled his name wrong and made it sound like a girl's name: Mia-moto.LOL.

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