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Say AwFUL with a British Accent

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It would be funny if Christopher Judge announce the DLC, and said, "YES! This free DLC and my speech is longer than Modern Warfare 3!" LOL!!!

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And the story is sucks bad with an attempt at making some kind of Avenger's Endgame battle!

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The fighting is good but the story sucks bad!

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Well you know if you joke about Sony, there super duper fans will massively disagree with you🤣🤣

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Did you watch Digital Foundry? After watching that your comment won’t age well🤣 That is Ray Tracing all over my friend.

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I don’t know if you are living under a rock 🪨 but you do realize that Sony is being sued for overpricing games in the PS store right?

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Why you don’t deserve to write ✍️ this article

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Just like Call of Duty lol 😆 DLC for both games, but one has legs with multiplayer.

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Jizz lol 😆

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Yup and they watch porn even more than men do. There is a lot of sex toys for women, so they are a huge target audience for this as well.

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Because their face 🤦‍♂️ was tired.

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2024 Best Buy, Walmart, Target and many others will stop physical release of games in store and online first quarter. That is a big blow to the used game market, and PS6 and Xbox Series X2 will be digital only. The writing is on the wall.

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Good unlike Alan Wake 2! Remedy take notes!!! Silent Hill 2 got it right!

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$70 for a DLC with a 3.5 hour campaign that suck! You even need another TB SSD for space to play this game smh 🤦‍♂️ It cost more than $70 total scam!

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Even if that’s the case it’s free DLC that is significant and then the 2 paid expansions.

Plus the game is already going to be 30 hours with Alan and Sage’s campaign.

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Well there is a solution to this problem, and everyone and their mom will get on this! There is a rewards debit card that will launch in America first on November 12th, then the worldwide 2024! This card gives you 100% cashback on everything you buy, including paying bills! Check this out to see more details. This is how everyone should react when everything goes digital.


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Xbox Sucks! Get a free month of Gamepass when you buy a super duper Xbox Suck Bundle that comes with Diablo 4!

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Rockstar Love Them or Hate them, made wonders with underpowered consoles like PS3 and 360 running GTA5! Look at what they did to Xbox One and PS4 running Red Dead Redemption 2! They created one of the best simulated open world games to date! The NPC A.I attention to detail is unmatched, compared to many open world games out there! They can definitely make GTA 6 work with Series S!

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IDK but I thought based on the previews he was moving too slow walking speed. And the enemies look way to easy to take down, and your literally a plot armor or Robo body that is an entire armor. I think the best part of this game is probably going to be the story. Looks like the PTSD thing is going to play a huge role, even for gameplay mechanics. Plus the puzzles and mysteries to solve.

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