Horizon Forbidden West SOOOOOON! I can't wait.
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Wait.. I'm not Xbox fan but if this was Sony, I'd have the same reaction...

Dude, it's what 4 to 5 dollars... Who cares (obviously millions)

But seriously, it's business and we are to expect changes. We still act like kids some times in this industry. If you don't want it then don't buy it... That's any service. Is it not better than paying for the crazy amount to titles available to the Xbox owners? Sure it is...

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Lol, I love that you're steadily working on your comedic piece... Listen Vr2 is amazing. If you don't have one then please don't judge, every Resident Evil that's in VR is best played that way and Racing games.

If you don't like it then ok but VR is long from dead. I take it you mean it is not as vital as regular console games right? That's been out for toooooo many years. Yeah, well VR is still new tech, technically; it'll get there, just the sa...

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If not, then I definitely won't be buying.

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I'm alllll for pro Sony but that was actually a really good and funny comeback! I love our gaming community. At the end of the day, we're all a bit of a shill for our platforms but ultimately all we care about are the games.

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Oh I know what you mean, I LOVE this game. I'd love to know what you think about this game called Behemoth, it's the closest thing I've seen to being Shadow of Colossus but it's on PlayStation VR2: https://youtu.be/hTmjjzwSp-...

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I mean, Fornite is from Epic Games, who are the creators behind Unreal Engine 5 so, this was not only a boost to what they had but a showcase of their technology.

Also, yes, it's really fun and Fortnite has the template for the Metaverse, they are creating the foundation, I pray Apex finds that road (as my favorite shooter EVER!).

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Listen, anything that gives me a bost for my PSVR2 then I'm sold. This is the #1 and only reason for me to buy the PS5 Pro, I have no need for prettier games. As a gamer since I was a kid, I just want deeper immersion into virtual reality. I can NOT freaking wait to see what GT7VR will be like with this new upgrade. OMG!!

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I so agree with this. Gt7 has already sold me on a PS5 Pro... I'm so excited for the future and I PRAY a game like The Crew: Motorfest one day gets VR.

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I was literally talking about this the other day. Blur or midnight club in VR would be a dream come true. I've spent so many hours with both but the multiplayer fun in Blur was incredible.

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Exactly the score I was expecting from the clunky previews (unfortunately)... although I really wanted this game to be amazing. We have absolutely no great alien invasion-type games... I hope this genre takes off in VR. I really need something like this for psvr2. (but with Naughty Dog level quality development).

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The only way I would possibly even think about buying an Xbox is if they have virtual reality.

They don't have the games but if gears of war or Halo were in virtual reality. I wouldn't give up my PlayStation by any means but I would definitely grab a series x.

.Back to reality...

There's absolutely no reason to buy an Xbox outside of starfield so I hope it does well because Sony definitely needs the competition for creative ...

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When I first seen this, I loved how silky smooth it was but there was just something about it that wasn't resonating. I know that I feel it wanted to be a BioShock/Doom speed type game but I could tell that it was trying to do too much and it wouldn't find its foundation.

I'm glad they did attempt it because it's a cool idea with a lot of moving parts but obviously they were cheaply made parts.

This is just my impression, I have not played...

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Exactly how I feel. If it comes to VR I'll buy it, other than that, looks like an okay game that is inspired by BioShock, which is an amazing influence.

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Hopefully it comes to VR but yes, that has me more excited than anything as far as horror.

I know people praised that game and they did a good job for a flat screen game to bring that intensity so hopefully they can do a really good job of making the next game unsettling.

We need different ideas in this medium. I'm glad Alan Wake is a story about a story because that's exactly what we need, some deep engagement in a horror games that makes sense a...

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Lol funny but true. I love resident evil 4 but I cannot and will not be buying this if this doesn't get a full VR mode.

I would love to see something new, perhaps from Hideo kojima or something. We need a new standard of horror for next generation and vr.

Resident evil is amazing and I'm playing village in VR right now and it's just incredible but we have been playing horror games that are similar for a long time and it's time for some dif...

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For anyone who doesn't like horror games, by a PlayStation VR2.... Fin

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I'm really big into games like Apex, I will say though that my biggest interest is single player games outside of Apex. The idea that the last of us is changing how that works means everything to me because what I'm looking for is a sort of single player game with a multiplayer experience.

The best thing about multiplayer as we all know, is being in the game with people, especially your friends, it can make the most mediocre game seem really fun so...

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I can't wait to play this. I'm playing resident evil village now and, it's hard to get through. So freaking incredible!

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