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This game is Goldeneye: COD edition. Why they took out pistols only/etcetc weapon modes is beyond me.

It's a good game. You just may as well buy COD since it's almost exactly the same. Unless you want local 4 player action just get black OPS.

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"Wouldn't expect anything less off a company that ripped off somebody else's engine"

COD uses the quake engine licensed from Id software. IW did not create the COD engine.

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" know that the engine that COD is using was dev'd by infinity ward, right?"

It was developed by Id. COD runs using the quake engine.

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The title directly tells you it will be focusing on the PLAYSTATION version and problems with it. There's no reason why someone with a PLAYSTATION would check the WII section for info on the PLAYSTATION version of the game. If you were considering buying the PLAYSTATION version you'd be in the PLAYSTATION section.

When I asked if I only owned a wii it was hypothetical. I have all 3 systems yo, my ps3 is on while I post to generate money in AC: Brotherhood from ren...

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If I only owned a wii, would I give a fuck if black ops failed playstation players? Tell me again why this fits in the wii section? Would this belong in nintendo power? So why does it belong in the wii section?

Hey, I think we should post ps3 black ops reviews to the pc section. Since the game is also on pc and not the only CoD game on pc.

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"Is black ops failing playstation players?" A topic all wii gamers care intently about. In fact, over a game of mario with my friends we were discussing how we don't read enough about the PS3 in Nintendo Power.

Hey, since black ops is also on the wii, do you think we should post ps3 reviews of the game in the wii section?

The question is does any wii gamer give a fuck if black ops fails playstation players. The answer is no. What's fun...

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"Numbers always have one meaning"

Too bad there are typically infinitely many ways to generate a numerical ranking. And that each of them typically results in a different number.

The average review score is 4/5. Is that mean, mode, or median? More importantly, which is the most appropriate to use in this context? They all mean different things despite being numerical averages.

If each number represents an opinion (like in revie...

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Then why even use numbers? Just tell me if it's fun. 5 ranks means the numbers don't distinguish anything.

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COD black ops has been patched. It's harder with the limited storage but I'm sure Nintendo will allow it for big titles.

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What did we learn?

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Why is this in the wii section? To ramp up traffic on your b-rate video game site?

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people still play quake 3 (my friend plays urban terror). this game looks great.

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if you think dual analog beats wiimote you can't fucking aim. dual analog controls using velocity, mouse and wiimote use position (set cod aiming to precision ADS and it works like a mouse).

enjoy your n00b sticks.

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any computer architecture with unprotected program memory like the ps3 would certainly boggle his mind...

why wouldn't you pick turing or von neumann for this example anyways? the former formalized computer science mathematically, the latter and two other people invented the von neumann architecture computers have used since the beginning (and merge sort)

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wii dominates my xbox and ps3. If not for Fallout: NV taking all my time I'd be playing Kirby. I'm buying COD for wii because I can actually aim on it.

This won't change till next dragon age, mass effect, or Project Dark are released.

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I can buy all 3 at toys R us.

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quit posting shit like this in the wii section so you can up the pageviews on your shitty blog.

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"I think a large part of it is that: I'm not stupid, I know how to save often"

you know bugs can corrupt saves if they crash while auto saving or overwrite memory right?

i think this game will rule, i loved fallout 2, hated 3, and obsidian has a lot of the fallout 2 people that worked on this game. fallout 2 was filled with's still possibly the best rpg of all time.

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i own about 50 wii games, 15 ps3 games and 12 xbox games. with wiiware probably about 80. most of my games don't involve waggle.

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"Just like the Necromorphs that inhabit the dark corridors of the USG Ishimura, Dead Space: Extraction revived the rail-shooter genre from death"

Then why did HOTD 2 and 3 for wii break 1 millon? It sold more than the shitty game that "revived" the fucking genre.

If you mean revived the genre in terms of quality that's horseshit too. The game sucked and sin and punishment 2 blew it apart.

Moron journalists have no ...

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