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I used to say that till I played it then i realized that Insomniac minus Sony equals "Meh". For some reason when they arent being exclusive to sony the games always suffer.

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WHAT?!?!? I don't understand 90% of what you wrote there

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All of M$ vs all of $ony? No doubt. PS4 vs xbone? GTFO, its not even close, PS4 makes ALL the $$$

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holy hell man, that comment reeks of "I really don't have both but wanna sound cool" syndrome. You're just embarrassing yourself with comments like that because anyone who ACTUALLY had both knows how stupid your statement is

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Yeah the only game that would do well over there is HZD, everything else is either way over the typical xbox users head (Persona 5) or just simply not meant for them (SOTC)

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Yeah no. Sorry M$ but the answer's no.
For real tho man this is getting sad, never thought I'd see the day when I felt pity for the xbone but here it is

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WTF?!?!? It sure AF is enough to convince, I’m counting the hours till this comes out now. Demo was amazing!!!

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Oh sweetie no, just no. SOT isn’t what you say it is and this little piece is just making you look sad and desperate. DK on snes, Goldeneye, Banjo & Banjo 2 all say “hi”

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“Down vote” me all you want @$$ høłëś, it dosent change facts

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Digital only is gay

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What? WTF do you mean by "What are you even talking about?"? Are you new or just trolling?

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swing and a miss. as usual with xbone these days

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God Wars, really??? Trying to get some sweet God of War attention are ye???

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Bill Nye can suck it

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amen brother

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The Fireblaster has been busted!!

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That glorious ONE WHOLE THING M$ got right this gen

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I'll pass, that Senua broad is waaaaay to ugly to grace my TV

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