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I can't wait for the Vita to flop within 6 months, just to watch all these whiny Sony ponies here at N4G eat their words.

The Vita will do worse than the 3DS. I'm calling it right now. Who wants to bet on this? I will seriously make a real money bet just so I can take possible Sony-spent dollars away from you rabid fanboys.

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It's amazing how even through all of those lies, Sony Ponies will continue to swear loyalty. It's seriously pathetic - love video games, not corporations.

The only gamers who can claim superiority are PC gamers, just for the abundance of options alone. I don't game on PC because I spend 10 hours a day at home on one, the last thing I want to do is spend even more time at this desk :P

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I can sum up all of these comments in one sentence:

"Derrr, my console's useless accessory is selling more than your console's useless accessory!"

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Just another day in the life of a free service. Ya get what you pay for, folks.

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Hahaha, this site is well-known for throwing out the word IGNorant every time they score a PS3 exclusive under 9/10.

Calling Uncharted 3 a 10/10 game is truly a sign of IGNorance.

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"Game breaking is when you're playing the main quest of a game like Skyrim, and the guy you're supposed to talk to is stuck in a wall and you can't trigger a conversation, the only remedy being to load a save game that erases 5-6 hours of game time. "

Actually Skyrim auto-saves everytime you fast-travel or go through a door. It also saves in your menu every 15 minutes by default.

Even without all of those backups going, if you're on...

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Then go back to your beloved Uncharted games that are so extremely linear it's almost impossible to have bugs, since the game almost one big non-interactive QTE fest.

I typically am extremely against making excuses for devs, but here is the only excuse I'll make for a developer:

Bethesda makes BY FAR the most complex open-world games. PUHLEEEEZE don't even compare Dark Souls or Arkham City to Skyrim. Sure, both of those games are amazing in thei...

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"Skyrim transends all of this." All games as well.

Quite possibly the best video game ever made - it truly defines the medium of "interactive entertainment".

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I think the concept is over your head, sorry :(

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foryouonly, Gametrailers tends to pander their reviews to suit the tastes of the lowest common denominator.

Fact is, most 9-5, M-F sheep can't see past the amazing graphics and incredible presentation of Uncharted 3 to see the terrible shooting mechanics, stupid puzzles that assume you're even stupider, idiotic AI, and generic derivative storyline.

No educated person with a clear understanding of what defines a video game (read; interactivity) can p...

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I record music for a living, and a record is NEVER done - there's always tweaking, level adjustments, EQing, etc. At some point, you just have to say "good enough".

I can only imagine how many millions of times more tweaking goes on for such a huge title at Bethesda:

Designer "Let's add this feature!"
Programmer "But then it will add more bugs"
Artist "I think I get get the textures to look juuuuust ...

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I was so diasspointed with Uncharted 3 that I thought to myself "I don't remember Uncharted 2 having such lousy controls and so-so graphics".

I booted up the Uncharted 2 demo and I noticed that it IMMEDIATELY felt better to control and the graphics just seemed... a lot better.

Uncharted 3 is so much like a movie that is suffers from the same sequel problems that movies do. I think Naughty Dog sunk all of their resources into cinematic product...

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... but they still don't mention the lag. You can talk accuracy improvements until you're blue in the face, but a split-second lag makes it all null and void.

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It's amazing how some people's sphincters can pucker and form vowels and consonants. You obviously have no idea what your talking about, yet your rectum keeps chiming in.

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Wired is actually one of the only magazine subscriptions I still have. Fantastic magazine full of thought-provoking articles every single month.

Uncharted 3 will not be thought-provoking. Just the video game equivalent of a National Treasure movie: 10 miles wide, 6 inches deep. Therefore, Wired will not be super impressed by it.

Don't agree with one opinion piece? Then bash the entire publication. Seems like solid Sony fanboy logic to me...

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Gotta say, I have to agree with AV Club on this.

SOOOOOOOOO many gamers will forgive a GAME of horrendous GAMEPLAY as long as the graphics and sound are top-notch. This isn't a film, this is a GAME. How does it PLAY?

I know most people here will disagree, but strip away the gorgeous visuals and outstanding sound and voicework and what kind of GAME is Uncharted? Mediocre at best - dated gameplay mechanics, puzzles that solve themselves, terrible hit d...

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As long as the cutscene is under a minute, it's fine (unless it's the ending). I play games to PLAY them, not to pick up the controller for 20 minutes after 40 minutes of cutscenes *coughMGS4cough*

Games with super long cuscenes always seem to me like the game developers would rather make a movie. It just feels like a confused medium to tell a story, then play for a bit, sit back and watch a story that you have no control over, shoot a few badguys, watch some more ...

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One does not simply demand GTA: Mordor.

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I've had thousands of gaming bliss on my 360 this gen.

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