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I wonder if this is a reskin with some tweaks to the camera, or if it uses MGSV-template. Been a long time since I played 3 so maybe I’m remembering it being more advanced than it was. It looks wonky in that old school way from the footage shown I think.

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This looked so good!

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This was excellent!! Perfect Dark looked amazing, Expedition 33 looked cool, Stalker 2, Dragon Age. Damn, Assassin's Creed Shadows too, very cool, as well as Fable. Lots of awesome games shown. COD can fuck off though. Sony, come on dawg, you can't stay silent for much longer. Show us what Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Guerilla ++ is making!

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If Masahiro Ito and Akita Yamaoka, original creators, wants to change aspects of the SH2 remake you should listen Bloober…

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Great games all, except Rise of the Ronin! It sucks!

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Aah someone with common sense!

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The box better say Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIIII

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Author says the “decline” in AAA horror games is because of lack of innovation.. Meanwhile RE’s, SH2, Alan Wake 2, Dead Space, and probably stalker 2 are horror games either recently out or coming soon. There’s no decline, tf he talking about, lack of innovation doesn’t mean they make fewer horror games!

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Imagine Lisa Trevor in this. Going to be so awesome if true!!

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Let’s hope this works out. I don’t want Sony all alone, that’s not good for anyone. But MS keep fucking up, there’s really no options left if this move does not drive GP subs.

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Tom Cruise is literally the last samurai in the documentary The Last Samurai. That's all we need to know!

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I’ll get the base game only at launch like I’ve done with Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. All great games!! Ninja skinned AC game sounds awesome!

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Well, Link is about 5'2 in the newest games. Do you want Link to look like Flex Lewis?

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I support this

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They are really not going to be missed. Just go third party and brag that you are beating Sony on Sonys system. Up until the 4 games people give a shit about is on there that is.

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They are going to do literally the opposite. Focus on the big hitters only like elder scrolls / fallout / cod

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Looks like I was in the wrong on this one. Valid complaints. It’s very cool and fascinating how the Helldivers community changed Sonys mind in this way, and it didn’t end in a total shitshow either

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Finally! Gonna be awesome!!

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This industry must be the worst to work in, holy shit what a bunch of losers complaining about everything.

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