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No name or not, I visited their website to see their other reviews in order to compare their criticism and come to an observation as to whether or not they're reputable and it appears that they are because most of their other big name reviews are on point in my opinion. So I came to the conclusion that this review is not click bait but rather an honest review, meaning this game is just mediocre at best.

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What's even the point? If you are a final fantasy fan, you would have played it by now so I'd say releasing on series s/x would be futile and a waste of time and resources.

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We're all aware it's a remake. A pathetically barebones developed one for that matter. Look at the last of us remake for the ps4 for example, It was incredibly done! Solid 60fps at 1080p res!

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Cod gamers won't care. They'll buy regardless of the situation between Sony and MS... Only the loyal fan base will have an issue with it.
Personally, Activision on its own is garbage. They wouldn't have been this successful and worth as much as they are now if they didn't get lucky with the COD franchise.

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It's actually more than that. Roughly 42% of COD players are from playstation platforms.

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Ni no kuni was one of my fav ps3 games. They should have improved upon the first games battle system instead of changing it completely in the sequel, which I did not like at all.

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This will give Microsoft an abundance amount of time to purchase all the big Publishers and Studios for Game Pass subscription enforcement in order to play any of the games

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"oh thank you so much Xbox! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I bend the knee for you my lord!" 🤣🤣

Ninja theory is okay. Not great.

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Series X is their mid gen release 🤣

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But every game Magog mention is going to be available on his ps5, so I'm not sure what YOUR point is?

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Everyone stfu. Xbox finally has an exclusive. Let them enjoy the moment.

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I don't believe this... I don't know a single girl out there that has a ps4. I knew a few that had a Wii...

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Bro, no reason to hate a beautiful woman just because you subconsciously know you have no chance with her. Appreciate all the beautiful things in life and you'll be a more happy, positive person 😉

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Is this why sh1t has become more w0ke the past decade?! 😒 Cater to them and forget about us OG gamers eh?

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Mature(doesn't take itself serious) humour at its best! I love this game! Totally buying it day one! I just hope they add a game plus mode this time!


Naw bro, don't compare this to that garbage game forspoken. This game is actually fun and humorous... Well, for anyone with a dirty mind anyway lol

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Lol it's definitely re-releasing on Nintendo's next console. Might as well wait for the enhanced version.

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That's no true. Sony is actually in competition with MS, while ms/apple/meta/Google/tesla/ Pfizer/coco-cola are all controlled by one company(black rock) that wants to control everything. Now they are the real threat to us all.

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Every single game out there will always look crisper and cleaner, plus performs better at 60fps. That is a fact.

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But those other AAA games are visually superior with a lot more detail, unlike this game that has indie quality graphics.

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The quick, effortless announcement of this handheld device made me feel like it wasn't anything special and just a cheap money grab.

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