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Well, they will still be working on multiple platforms (Xbox series s/x & pc) so according to your logic, Bugs and glitches will still be present.

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Buying a series X didn't cross my Mind at all after ms's E3... However, I was impressed with all the day 1 gamepass releases! It's Better to just subscribe to gamepass no?

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They gonna do whatever they can to distract you from realizing that they released a next gen console with no new games for the next 2 years after release. 😉 "let's wait for next E3!" 😂

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No reason to phrase them?? Sony should be held accountable??
Bro, they are literally the only next gen console with actual next gen games! Isn't that the reason why we gamers buy video game consoles in the first place?? You are arguing and comparing the ps5 to a console that is only focused at enhancing older last gen games! Why? Because they have literally no new next gen games available. 🙄 Look beyond the cover up.
Also, no real Ps...

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"wait till next Xbox E3" Wise words of the Xbox gamer 🤣🤣

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If you remove FF7R from the equation (since its based off an older FF game), I would have to agree with the author somewhat. The last great Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy X.

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Platinum games is probably having a lot of issues trying to make bayo 3 work on Nintendo's primitive console. I'm sure there's a lot of compromises going on, which is making development difficult.
They should just save it for Nintendo's next gen console... But then again knowing Nintendo, they will just port it.

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I just love the look and feel of 120fps smoothness! High end pc gamers had it good!
I'm just glad my consoles can hit 60fps and above now while maintaining solid graphics!

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When it comes to E3, I use to get super excited for new game reveals, exclusives and plenty of gameplay trailers or live demos! Innovation is nice but that's not a big deal to me. It's all about games that i anticipate and want to play.... But ever since Sony bailed from E3, I lost interest and only look forward to their showcase (whenever that is).
Ms's E3 this year was pretty good, so kudos to them!

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I'm happy Xbox is getting more exclusives! Give Sony some competition for once!

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@lore "Be better than The Witcher, be better than Dragon Age, be better than Diablo, be better than The Elder Scrolls, be better than Xenoblade, be better than Fallout, be better than GTA."

Can't say the same about you, but I honestly enjoy(happily completed) horizon zero dawn more then any of the games you mentioned.

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I think their new ip will fill the fps exclusive gap that Sony currently has, since resistance and killzone is on the back burner at the moment.

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Still looking....

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But more importantly, can you take it with you while on the can??

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This game looks fantastic! Probably the only Xbox Series X game I want to play.

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@lore "Sony could do this as well if they actually invested in more studios. Just imagine their output if they did."

Could?? 🤣 Bro, they are about to release their 3rd current gen exclusive in a few days! And you think Sony needs to invest in more studios to do that?! Where have you been?? Demon souls remake, Returnal and now ratchet and clank. That's 3 games already....

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I may be in the minority, but I enjoyed horizon zero dawn, ratchet and clank ps4, GoT and last of us 2 way more than bloodborne.

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Spiderman- "oww, that had to hurt!"

**Sigh **
These one liners.....

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"While the news of God of War’s delay and uncertainty surrounding the release window of the next Horizon title might be disappointing, Hulst made a statement about avoiding crunch at its studios. “With these things, something’s gotta give. It cannot be the quality of our titles, and it surely won’t be the health of the wellbeing of our amazing team.”

Gonna give mad respect to This Head of PlayStation Studios guy Hermen Hulst! He cares about the quality o...

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Yup, I don't miss it. Can never get a new blockbuster game release ever and always have to settle with an older game. Now, it's never an issue.

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