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Bioware unfortunately have buckled under the weight of mismanagement and EA mandates. Apparently, EA has backed off with their live service mandates, so hopefully they had enough time to separate the live service aspect from the game. I just need Bioware to cough up one more legendary title before their run is over. However, due to the immense amount of talent they have hemorrhaged over the years, I think Inquisition was the end of the line. But hey, maybe the new Bioware will surpass the one...

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I was disappointed in Joe on the starfield review. It felt like he got so fed up with playing the game, he stopped playing and took most of the bullet points from other Starfield hate videos. Some of his points were good, but he has some ridiculous points that I saw brought up in other hate videos. A few examples:

The way the random NPC’s look: Yes, they are hideous abominations, but that is the clear result of using procedural generation to m...

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Im suprised you didnt get downvoted. Must have slipped the radar

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Angry Joe gave Hogwarts legacy a higher score than Baldurs Gate 3. I cant take him as seriously as I used to.

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And it will be played for months and years, people just took liberties with what that means. It doesn’t really matter if people stop playing though, because its not a live service or a game that depends on player engagement . Todd and crew just wanted another game to keep people busy because we are probably not seeing TES 6 until 2050

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Nobody cares about Starfield, yet it is still the talk of the town. Make it make sense mate. And yes, there objectively is biased. Had countless people in videos and comments sections talking about how Starfield lost a large number of its player base, and when I stated that people just moved on, I was accused of huffing copium. Then Palworld dropped its player base, and everyone just kind of got amnesia about calling out starfield for the same thing.

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@Mr Cheese

Rant inbound. Dont blame you for not reading.

I honestly think their notoriety with the engine is here-say sprinkled with a bit of confirmation bias over the years. For example from a typical naysayer: “Bethesda games have lousy performance and their gameplay is outdated, therefore their engine must be outdated.”

There was one journalist/Youtuber that mentioned something interesting. He was breaking down the negativity behin...

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@Mr_Cheese People keep saying the engine is outdated, even though other engines have built upon past iterations. I think it would be more accurate to say that the engine does not do what you expect to see from a “current gen” game. Red Dead 2 was cool, but its not packing as many systems and permutations as Starfield. People make flimsy comparisons too often: “Look what this open world game can do with its visuals and presentation. Whats Bethesdas excuse?”

Yes, look at what...

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Its not BS. This games running more systems than virtually any AAA game. Why else do you think it has loading screens? Besides, the clutter has been apart of their DNA for decades at this point. There are other games out there for people that dont care about that kind of stuff.

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Get downvoted for liking the game. Get downvoted for existing. 😂

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Because people are downvoting mindlessly. Imagine getting a storm of downvotes from people that dont like the game, but run to poke at it anyway.

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My my, look at all these downvotes to people that actually like the game. Time to get a mind of your own people.

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@Crows90 You are looking at numbers, numbers dont tell the whole story. What about Palworlds 90+ percent drop off, or other games like that dropped lst year? People that think starfield is bad will find “evidence “ that it is, but its just confirmation bias my friend.

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There are plenty of articles and videos for you to go and be wrathful towards starfield… but this one aint it. This is a fallout 4 article.😂

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Pete isnt even with Bethesda anymore.

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Why do we keep bringing starfield into this. Purge the wrongful hate from yourself

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Yeah, but thats not the result of laziness, incompetence, or a bad engine. Thats what happens with their type of open world games. Its hard for people to find a point of comparison because no one makes games like Bethesda does.

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Not all games “look” current.

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People keep hating on this game, but they will come to appreciate it once games like this dont exist anymore.

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The downvotes though. These people want this game to be a failure so bad. Its okay, people have been jumping them since fallout 4. People want to strong arm Bethesda into making different games. If you dont like what they make…. Dont play it

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