Damn feels
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If you don't want to play mature games then go play My little pony or Pokemon.

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The switch itself is fine but the account is not

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I don't think PlayStation would screw over Ghost Of Tsushima by releasing TLOU2 the same day or delaying it further. So I don't think this released date is correct.

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If you are this paranoid about privacy then imagine when you discover that your smart phone is listening to you.

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This is for all free user

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PlayStation is refunding everyone who pre order digitally.

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I am hype with this news

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Those empty spot are very suspicious and it's seems that they don't want to announce the PS1-3 backward compatibility yet until full reveal or might do like Xbox were adding Xbox 360 games on Xbone.

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Guys! In PS5 spec video, in the image that shows PS5, PS4 Pro, and PS4 backward compatibility, on the bottom is show an empty spaces that looks like PS1-3 can fit. So let's not give up yet until the PS5 full reveal.

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Sledgehammer is no longer making a standalone COD anymore, they were demoted along with Raven Software. Infinity Ward and Treyarch are the only two main studio making cod. So MW2 is 2021 unless Activition decided to promote one of their supporters Studio.

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I am hoping that they switch engine from Unreal Engine to Decimal Engine.

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Ignorance 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Ignorance flow thru you.

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Rip to my PS4 1 TB.

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3. No.

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Every damn update is like around 50GB and I have to keep deleting my games. Next Gen better have 2TB minimum because it ridiculous the amount of space games are taking.

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