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StrayaKNT is definitely bubble farming because he don't even owna Nintendo or Sony console. If you go to his history he always trolls Sony and Nintendo. Shouldn't you be in the Xbox article's

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I hope they show the last guardian

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I just don't get it. You always troll Sony and the PS4 but you can't wait to play Uncharted? Am I missing something smh

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Your delusional Xbox fanboy. You love to troll PS4. Good luck with your Xbox one lol. Wait Xbox hasn't release one exclusive all year. Microsoft hasn't had one exclusive over 90% review score yet. Even Forza 6 is below 90% on metacritic and Long live the Xbox lol AKA the Dreamcast 2

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Yup its a great game!

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I find it hilarious how you always sneak in PS4 articles just to troll. Stay in Xbox one articles where you belong.

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@StrayaKNT You don't even own a PS4. Stop Trolling.

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They're hyped because PS4 has great exclusives and they deliver. Their hyped because the PS4 (the King of the consoles) is embarrassing the Xbox one. They have no competition. You should be in the Xbox articles StrayaKNT everyone know who you are and that's the reason why you have 1 bubble because your a Sony troll

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Yeah I picked this up for my PC and I love it

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I'm not trolling this is what I hear and the Xbox fanboys are saying in most of the Forza 6 articles.

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That would be awesome!!!!!

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I was thinking the same thing

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According to the Xbox fanboys they say Forza 6 has the best driving mechanics ever been created lol. So who's telling he truth??

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Yes I do. I actually own all the consoles. All I'm saying its starting to feel more like a PC the more it evolves. I actually think that's a good thing. But I can see where you think its an ignorant comment.

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Would love to play all of these on the best console

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Can wait to play this again at PSX this December

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Sounds like the one is trying to be a PC

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Xbox one might as well just be a PC. Everything the Xbox one is trying to do does on PC. Just focus on games Microsoft, don't have to make your console a PC to be great

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Another GOTH contender. Can't wait to play this

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