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which i am assuming isnt a good thing. First Net Loss in company history... Most of the revenue in entertainment division is "due to Skype"

and not sure by top selling console for consecutive "18 months"... Cause World Wide numbers show that Sony out sold Xbox last quarter. Xbox won quarter before that. Sony won quarter before that...

so. do they mean US only?

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then i pressed view full screen. holy shit they are bad on my 22 inch screen. wonder how it would look on my 50 inch plasmna9

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Always trying to make a bad thing into good one.

Paying to get advertisement is now a good thing? and comparing it to TV?? Are you for reals?

Takes fanboy defense to another level. Trying to turn around so hard. I bet you will argue that RROD is a good thing too cause it makes u spend more money and boosts economy. LOL

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HOw isnt it obvious that Kinect games are mostly crap.

look at kinect games library. lol

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Kinect can make most hardcore games into crappy ass kinect games.

and xbox fanboys still say its for hardcore. lol

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Do you think it takes 2 months to build a new console? They just put random things toghether and call it a day?

No. These things take years of R&D. If Xbox 720 were to be released in 2013, ofc the plan would have to be drawn in 2010. to give few years to design and such.

We all know Xbox 720 isnt going to be much powerful from just looking at how MS was focusing heavily on casuals. They are all about kinects and casuals. They may have few exclusives lined...

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and they are mostly pro MS and Xbox given that they are based out of UK where Xbox has major hold.

Still, they should have some integristic journalism. but they dont. they are the largest flamebait site i know. They spew out crap all the time.

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Xbox is all about casual now. They dont need expensive powerful console.

Its gonna be all kinect kinect and kinect with casual, casual and casual stuff. May be few hardcore exclusives at launch. then its gonna be dry exclusive in a year or two.

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Retailers are taking away good amount of profit that could go into sequel or new IP development which results in less games overall in the market.

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And I couldnt find the link to see the list for texture mods. or the download link.

Does anyone know what exactly Gionight's list of mods?

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"I know a LOT"
Lol. no you dont. If you did know alot, you wouldnt be making such stupid statement.

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Whether its close to PC or not, console will be WAY more efficient. Thats just the nature of it.

Devs will be able to make games way more efficient to the hardware cause everyone has the same. Even if it gets out speced by PC, it will easily outperform still.

Sorry to break it to ya, but BC is still very possible with addition to few hardware. and from way Sony is going with VIta, i would say it would happen.

anyway, it will have amazing excl...

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its ridiculous how bioware DLC have ridiculous items and etc in the quest that kinda ruins the balance of the game.

Like instead of farming for items in Dragon Age, you can just buy a DLC that has a quest that drops tons of easy loot...

yea... kinda makes game too easy...

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Obviously Shipping numbers are counted and Sold are estimates.

Either way, I find it funny that there are now 50 articles on Xbox. PS3 has been outselling 360 WW for years now and no one really cared. 360 fanboys used to only talk about US sales. Now Xbox outships PS3 once and just barely, 360 fanboys talk about all the time.

I just find this extremely hilarious.

@Below I was talking about previous official numbers,

PS3 have ...

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PS3 still outsells 360 even though 360 was getting tons of marketing.

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you have not played games with actually good AI. lol

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And just barely too.

Also, by abandoning hardcore gamers.

fanboys will still celebrate though. LOL

You get 1 or 2 core exclusives a year and you dont think MS is focusing on core like they used to.
MS also made core franchise into on rail kinect.
Halo aint even made by Bungie anymore. EPIC's main game is multiplat.

Lets be realz. MS left ya all for casuals and you fanboys are still defending ...

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Are you for real? You are defending overpriced 360 HDDs?

Do you realize at that 360's hdd price range, you could get far better HDD for PS3 at FAR bigger storage space.

and please wtf are you talking about "guaranteed compatiblity" any regular 2.5 inch standard HDD works fine for PS3.

You dont need special one for PS3.
Being forced to buy a crappy HD at crappy price is not a good thing for 360.

LOL at 3...

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PS3 has been outselling 360 every year world wide for past 3-4 years.

Otherwise, the gap would not have never closed.

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Mostly because 360 had more exclusives 2007 to 2008.

And you have no clue calling PS3 fanboys "snobbier". 360 fanboys were beyond this world back in 2008. I once posted a thread asking if i should by PS3 back then and 360 fanboys swarmed the crap out it.

Funny thing is, not many people defended PS3 because they acknowledged that they lacked games back in 2008, but now 360 lacks exclusives desperately and 360 fanboys still defend to them to death. ...

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