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Dead On Arrival

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

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Pushing the PS4 to its limmits

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Gaming and the new era of Consoles, now that Next-Gen is now current gen with the launch of PS4 in Europe.

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PS Vita, nothing for Europe :(

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I would love a new Diddy Kong Racing game, alas Rare are no longer with Nintendo.

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Storm incoming

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You need to supply credit card details to download anything, even if it's a free title.

This requirement will kill the system.

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It's the power of the Graphics chip that will decide if it can run at 1080p/60, and according to the gfx chip that will come in the PS4, it won't be able to do that for this game based on the same components for PC.

That's not to say the engine won't be further optimized for the PS4 hardware though and then be able to do 1080p/60.

But based on equivalent hardware and graphics card on the PC, it doesn't do this.

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When you got EU PS+ content from your EU account does it let you play it under your US account? or visa versa?

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Cool story bro.

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The problem is 9 out of 10 games on PC use DirectX to run. DirectX is a Microsoft Library so you need Windows to use it.

There is some DirectX emulation under Linux but it's never been all that great.

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10 things listed and not one of them Dedicated servers.

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Diddy Kong Racing Theme tune is so good. Played this game to death on N64 back in the day.
Used to love that PvP games in that Ice place with the multi tiered track

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Is this cross buy for Vita too? Seems like it would be a great title for Vita

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lol, who gives a $h!t
People get games early all the time, hardly breaking news.

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It might perform better when the Wii U launches. It would be a good title to pick up for anyone who purchases the machine.

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I have to disagree. The game is much better than most of the trash that gets recycled on a yearly basis

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Title is a little misleading as the console platforms won't get the test it until closer to its release date and not on November 2nd.

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Very unlikely.
Aren't the publishing Respawn Entertainment's new FPS game, the studio that contains most of Infinity Ward's real talent.

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