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Shilling. Puff... puff... puff piece.

You'll be getting your review codes early.

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Loading screens as a feature. They don't have to tell us. Lol

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This game called rally ball

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They didn't even create Kinect. They bought the tech that Dr Marks was working with on PS2 with that same company. Microsoft swooped in and bought the license and turned it into Kinect.

But the z camera was working on PS2. Hololens is just a spin off using that same depth sensing camera tech. https://youtu.be/jYHr0I-iFH...

Later in the video, it's the early tech bef...

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You mean you try to hide your attachment to plastic and deflect.

All those leaks are telling about Microsoft. Things I told gamers for years on how they are. Now the leaks are going to bite them in the ass. Which is, like I said, is why Sony is playing their cards closer to their chest against a monopolizing company that doesn't care about gaming.

Fools like you will support them anyway as they destroy gaming. I'd rather support companies that su...

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Not yet. Will be playing it though.

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I was thinking the same thing. Start asking for more money or tell them to get lost and that they'll make Sony exclusives. Really try to drain that faucet. If I was the other guy looking at the payouts, I'd be looking for a raise in the next contracted game.

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It would affect all development. Even Star Field.

They should have marketed it as "the least most powerful console in the world."

Maybe they would have sold more Series X consoles. Lol

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It's incomplete like Microsoft games on game pass but the fans still think it's a win. Just check the above comments.

They don't have all the fact as always, but are still whistling Dixie.

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It means DRM 2.0 is possibly only a generation away when they try again to implement what they couldn't before. But believe they have influenced enough gullible gamers to go along for the ride. Because Microsoft likes to "play the long game."

PS6 will just be an evolution of before with advanced haptics, sound and immersion. But may have AI like Sophi built in to enhance gamers experiences. With a console capable of outplaying you or support you in battle bett...

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I thought so too from the first trailer. All I wanted from them was a remake or remaster of Sairento like the Wanderer Reboot or Arashi: Final Cut. Oh well.

Maybe they'll fix it or do just that and make Sairento even better.

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Of course they will be viewed as a negative. They knowingly sold a broken Xbox 360, they attempted always online and tried to kill used games, they tried to force a camera on gamers for advertising, they buy up publishers because they suck at management and they copy Sony innovation from the dual shock to now.

As for Move, early demos of Dr Marks showed Move like controls before Wii even released. And PSP did remote play with PS3.

Who are you trying to fo...

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Your comment is more than ridiculous. If that's even possible.

You guys said PS3 had no games then Sony did a whammy on you and released tons of games. Even embarrassed Microsoft with the Last of Us. You guys said PS4 releases were kind of sparse? Then Sony beat you over the head with GOW, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, etc that made you cry in a corner. And Microsoft received a severe ass whooping in game sales, hardware sales, VR, etc.


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We hear the same bullshit every generation.

"PS3 launch was small and weak. Where are the games?"

Then Sony releases game after game and even the game of the generation with The Last of Us. Negative Nancy's shut their mouths until the next time.

PS4 was all about "Sony releases are kind of sparse." Right? Sparse. Then Sony releases Spider-Man, Horizon, Detroit, GOW, etc that shut your mouths again. It happens e...

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This isn't directed at you per say, but let's look at the reality of the situation.

Gamers, again, aren't going to admit it, but THEY are the ones that asked Sony to make them.

We all know Sony makes some of the best single player games in the business. No question. Even though other companies tried to minimize singles player, and now some gamers try to push a narrative that they were all for single player games AFTER Microsoft acquired publi...

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Sony is playing their cards closer to their chest on purpose and I don't blame them. With Microsoft buying up publishers, 3rd party games that were basically going to be on Xbox anyway, Sony has to play their cards right to continue their momentum.

The court proceedings revealed a couple of things neither company wanted known. But what we do know, is that Microsoft is willing to cannibalize sales to try and beat Sony with unlimited funds and by any means. Also one of th...

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Not a bad article but there were things there that were completely unnecessary like the PlayStation hack, PS3 being expensive to buy or the always online and Kinect of Xbox. These things have nothing to do with industry consolidation.

With Sony, you could have went with the purchase of Evolution Studios and their shutdown after not delivering with Drive Club. Article writer did mention Lion Head closing their doors but could have mentioned the huge publisher acquisitions o...

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All Sony really has to do is pay Capcom a big sum of money to put Dragon's Dogma 1 or 2 in VR. Would be great to see Skyrim updated. But doing this with Capcom would kill the need of needing Bethesda and avoid.. lol. Anti VR Microsoft.

They took many developers out the VR game with all their publisher purchases.

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Why are you wasting our time?. As outside said. We already know the answer.

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Someone hasn't been paying attention but wants to write articles.

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