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I love Playstation but I think she has a point.


I don't know boddy. Probably should right? But she does have a point regardless.

It's not for me to decide but I think there is something there.

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So she actually wrote some parts of the song so it's not a simple cover. It's in the article. However, they used a carbon copy of her edited cover. So....maybe she does have a point?

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Guy are you completely out of it? One can watch a damn hour long video and at the same time support the protest against police brutality.

What you want is dictate to people that they can only do what you deem is right. Protest 24/7. It doesn't happen. Nobody does that. And on top of that, you make people feel like crap about themselves for wanting just an hour to take their minds of the global pandemic and the police brutality and racism. Ho...

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I'm detectig sarcasm.....🤔

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I'm sorry, but I will not base my video game purchase decisions on the color of the skin of the developer. That would be racist.

People need to realize that throwing money at a problem will not solve it. It never has.

How will us buying these games end police brutality or racism?

If anyone can explain that to me in a way that makes sense, I will change my mind.

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No buddy. The real reason why Sony delayed the show was that the protest would overshadow it and it would not be talked about as much. It's all about money and this is the truth. Don't fool yourself into thinking that Sony cares. Uyghurs are murdered by the Chinese government by government orders. It's open season. Did you hear about it? Let me guess, no. Did Sony say anything about it? No. So that is how much they care about people. It's just...

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Stop telling people what should be important to them. So what if people were really looking forward to this? Why is that a problem for you? I'm sure there are things in your life that is very important to you and you anticipated greatly and those things are absolutely meaningless to others.

This show was something millions were looking for and no matter how small, it would have been something to lift the spirits of those millions broken by a...

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I don't think they will do it before the Last of Us 2 release. It would take all the wind out of that game release. Maybe after. But you know, there are more important things right now so I don't even know why we are talking about this taking the voice away from the more important things.

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What will change in a few more weeks? Nothing other than time passed.

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It has to. Everything is delayed because of police brutality so this game must be delayed too so it doesn't take away from the voices of more important things right now. Right?

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I would say Ninja is another good example to prove that rumor is false.

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Fox, they don't care. Do you actually believe they do? They only canceled because the protest would take away attention from their conference. That is the truth. There are people murdered every day unjustly all over the world since humans are alive. Look at what China is doing to the Uyghurs for example. Much more brutal than the US police and yet Sony kept doing all their conferences and released games without a problem.

They don't care. If anyone believes that tha...

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The first 7 articles on N4G are all about TLoU2. Wow.

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Well they kind of ended up in last place in every generation they were a part of. Even in XB360 and they even had a year head start. So.....not sure how it's "almost".

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So 150GB roughly. Got it. How many games will fit on that 800GB SSD? Not many.

I already had to delete stuff and I got 2TB internal and 4TB external HDD for my PS4Pro.

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I'm sorry if that is all you got. I'm not a Trump supporter and did not vote for him and will not vote for him this November but I can't vote for Biden either. I'm just tired of seeing the media bashing him for the dumbest things.

I would be fine with taking down ALL bad guys not just "non white" bad guys.

You assune way too much because you are programmed to think in a certain way. To you, everything is black and white, Democrat...

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Leave real world politics out of video games. They have no place there. We play games to escape the real world.

A made up worlds politics is fine but I don't want to see Trump bashing or police bashing, Antifa loving etc crap in my games.

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I'm ok with that price if the hardware warrants it.

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So a true next gen game not this cross gen BS that MS is pushing. About time we see real next gen games. Can't wait.

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