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"practically hate every game released so far"

No, you have no evidence to support that. For all you know, I could love every single other game besides the 15 or so that I have listed. There thousands, among thousands of games released and you are assuming that I hate them all because I said 10 or so games are bad and I did not enjoy them?

No, just no.

"Fanboy expression above"

How the hell did you leap t...

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There is a difference between objectivity and subjectivity.

It can be applied to game design also. I can objectively say MW2 is a bad game, the point out all the design flaws.

Some one can like, and enjoy MW2 regardless of these or they may even enjoy the game BECAUSE of these flaws. That is their opinion.

When you say something is good or bad, you are no longer stating your opinion but instead stating a fact. Look a...

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------------------------------ -----------------------

UFC Undisputed 2010

Realistic sports games are awful. All of them. No Exceptions.

This game also fails as a fighting game too.

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Sports Champion. No.

----------------------------- ------------------------

Super Street Fighter IV

Not as good as Street Fig...

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Uncharted 2 is a pretty bland game with repetitive, unoriginal and generic TPS gameplay. The platforming is linear, and the puzzles are horrible. (The puzzles are basically giant captchas where you copy symbols from the book to the symbols in game)

----------------------------- -----

Red Dead Redemption is GTA with cowboy boots and horses. Awful gameplay.

----------------------------- -----

God Of War 3 is clunky and slow as...

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Disgaea? Hentai game? With delicious flat chests, Demon-girls, Lolis galore, etc?

Are you complaining or is that wishful thinking? I honestly can't tell.

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CS? Competitive?

WoW? Competitive?

That's like playing competitive dice. It's more chance than anything.

Try playing a real game like Tribes 2, Quake 3, etc

Am I alright with quick scoping? Sure thing, if done properly.

Am I alright with quick scoping in COD? No. COD is the most broken, unbalanced piece of crap whatsoever made Activision which can burn in hell for all I care. Their quick scoping i...

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No, you are the minority.

You know that 600,000+ people that bought the game from Asia? Guess what? They don't watch voice chat either.

The game isn't suppose to be a game where you party up with your friends and discuss your problems. You being able to meet up with your friend was completely unintended.

There's a reason why they don't have a real party system or anything similar, because you&...

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The matchmaking is atrocious? There is no matching besides black eye stones and world 3 with the bosses.

Plus, the matching making is fine. There just wasn't enough players at higher levels.

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Are you retarded? Japanese people rarely bother with multiplayer and people who enjoy Japanese games are rarely interested in shooters.

Plus, the article is retarded. Only casual kiddies play games like Halo or CoD, they aren't interested in other game either so they don't effect the sales at all.

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This guy is a complete moron. He can hate steam all he wants, but he just has to remember steam is not the one at fault here and any frustration he may be having is just a product of his ignorance.

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Hopefully never. The game is a PC game and the only reason why there on consoles is just to make money to support the PC version.

Similar to Team Fortress 2, Crysis 2, Dragon Age, Oblivion etc

They're all PC games and the sole reason they are even on consoles is for profit.

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The game has a 15 hour campaign, not 8`and you will *never* beat the game on its hardest difficulty.

"If devs make them too long they get too boring so the only way to add more replay value is with an online MP"

You do not know what you are talking about, at all. For starters mutliplayer in Vanquish is impossible because the main mechanic in Vanquish is SLOWING DOWN TIME. Besides that I really raged at "the only way to add more replay value is wi...

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Medal of Honour? Seriously? Another generic brown n' bloom shooter? Just because they are shooter doesn't mean they are in the same market and just because games get released near the same time does not mean the less popular games are going to sell less because of it.

Did starcraft 2 lower the sales of Blazblue: CS because they got released on the same day? No, they are completely different markets, one is a PC RTS and one is a console fighting game.

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Operating systems are software. Microsoft is primarily a software company.

If OSs aren't hardware or software, what did you think they were?

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Are you a complete moron?

They didn't actually have 12 years to develop the game, if you actually believe that... well that speaks for itself.

Also people like you that say games always need multiplayer need to die. I bet you also think vanquish needs multiplayer(Have fun slowing down time).

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No lolis? How can you expect to compete with Ar Tonelico 3 and other games without lolis. I sure hope there is a Token Loli in this 'cathy' game. I will be buying this game anyways I suppose, since I'm sort of a fan of the original Personas. I hope Persona 5 comes out in 2012/13 also.

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Facebook? No thanks.

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My thoughts exactly.

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"GoW3 is the best game of its genre"

No. No it is not. Not even close.

It had a decent story, some amazing graphics by console standards and some extremely well designed puzzles but that's it. The combat absolutely sucks. There is barely any depth to it, it is slow, it is clunky and all the weapons pretty much play the same besides the Cestus which was especially slow and clunky. The game's combat was designed for people who like to button mash...

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As a competitive blazblue player.... This is awfully appealing to me, and I'm not too sure why since it isn't even cannon.

I don't even own a DSi yet, I only own a DS lite and I wasn't planning on upgrading until the 3DS.

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