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What a completely repugnant and disgusting comment.

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There were certainly woman on the Battlefield in WWII and the prosthetic shown in the video was accurate for the period and not a pirate hook as you eluded to.

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I don't play FIFA yet I thought the reveal looked great. Some of the new gameplay mechanics are long overdue and put the focus more on tactical squad play rather than just run'n'gun.

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I was so disappointed at no XB1X patch for B1 although it did look great on the PS4 Pro. However, I am so looking forward to BV on the X1!

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These companies continue to rip us off over controller prices.

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Doesn't matter what they show as there will still be those who will seek the negative in any message.

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The thing is with the whole zombie genre is that Zombies themselves have become less of a threat than other survivors. Its why over the years they have given zombies speed and in some cases intelligence.

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This is the very problem with these types of forums. Freedom of speech is one thing and freedom of bulls@*t another. MS didn't make such quotes nor did Phil Spencer yet they have been attributed as having made them.

If people are going to use quotes at least have the decency to state who made it and when rather than fuelling more nonsense innuendo and flat out lies.

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Who's that a quote from?

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I asked how much content does Sony now provide via streaming services. What people seem to keep overlooking as that Sony has been instrumental in the complete overhaul of music and movie distribution. Gaming will be next.

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Tell me, how much content does Sony provide via streaming services? Also, when was the last time Sony released a major app or O/S and supported it as long as MS?

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In terms of hardware I'd say that the PS4 was quite restrained when compared to release models of all previous PlayStations. If MS had not gimped the XB1 with Kinect and released a GPU on par with the PS4 then things might be different today.

The Cell CPU is still better than the mobile CPU used in both the PS and XB.

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I thought the story was OK for Halo 5 but it felt good to play. The multiplayer was exceptional. However, Halo 5 on the XB1X, 4k and 60fps is pure fps gaming heaven on a console.

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I'd love it if the site tracked who hit agree/disagree. AI could be used to tag any users as Fanboy or Gaming Enthusiast...then provide a filter to filter out any comments or votes associated with a Fanboy.

Could this be done... Yes... Will it... No.

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Same. I've my XB1X connected up to my 4k HDR screen and am awaiting some Halo 6 goodness!

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That would have been a marketing disaster for MS last gen since they charged for multiplayer and Sony did not.

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Perfect question. It's why at the moment I say PS4 for exclusives and XB1X for everything else.

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Game is DOA.

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Not since True Lies anyways...

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