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The graphics are going to contain art style, by that, I mean cartoony, realism doesnt play a lot on their games besides metroid.

Also Nintendo is better off with themselves maintaining control, the new system wont be out until the wii u completes its cycle, and also, I rather play Xenoblade Chronicles X or Zelda U than that broken mess being skyrim

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wait why are you expecting sales for a late $60 port?

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what about bayonetta 2? that game hasnt had a patch in a while and it STILL doesnt need it, it has a lot of well-made animations with various enemies and chapters, and the art style is FAAAR from cute-sy. It even has online co-op but NOOO one wants to talk about that, what about xenoblade chronicles X? that ip is still pretty new but NOOOOONE talks about that, what about the new game that seems to built for online known as splatoon? it even has unique mechanics but NOOOOONE talks about that, ...

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such a great game, I wish it was more known so it could sell better

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they admitted they were lacking third parties, theres no damage controlling here, and at the end of the day, its their opinions, they too are human beings, too bad that the internet gets very sensitive over what someone says.

And to be honest next to a PC, the wii u is the best choice.

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have played those games, I think bayonetta 2 is indeed the best hack and slash of all time, I dont like god of war the same way I liked dmc 3

god of war didnt really gave me that much control over the combat as bayonetta 2 does and bayonetta pretty much improves on what there was for dmc

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I didnt know Mario 3d world played like super mario sunshine

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well theres more to it than mario

like xenoblade

smash bros



you get the idea

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YES THIS PLEASE also do something about those interiors.

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a broken bare bones racing game? ughh why that game? theres been better racing games before and theres certainly one this year.
Forza Horizon 2, heck even MK8, but drive club? if this was like the only game made this year, probably.

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I watched it. And I kinda get it. lol he was questioning her.

but I dont think he knows any better about her lies.

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but sony exclusives often get over-praised! like The Last Of Us IMHO.

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comparing drive club to other racing games out there just makes DC meh, its just a barebones racing game, it has nothing special that makes me love it as a racing game.

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only if the achievement involves an actual in-game reward! for example, beating bayonetta 2 in hardmode/3rd climax unlocks that wonderful chain chomp as a weapon!

if its just something to place on the scoreboard I kinda dont care, not that im saying scorekeeps arent important, but if all I get is a shiny trophy just to look at I just wont bother

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This person is far more credible than Anita will ever be.

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nintendo was never kiddie if you knew its padt before video games.

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you said "Mario" games, which ones? because mario party doesnt play like mario kart, and they dont play like super mario bros, and they dont play like supermario 64, and they dont play like super mario sunshine, etc.

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The AI in this game is horrible

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to be fair, their porn is also censored

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they wont be abandoning the wii u anytime soon guys, the wii u will still live its full generation

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