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Already preordered on psn earlier today, had to get that Bruce Lee early unlock and be able to download this bad boy on June 17th at midnight! Really looking forward to the demo next week!!

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Curse the Gods and kick rocks! It's hilarious how people are so self entitled and impatient these days..."oh I paid a whopping 6.99 and I expect results Rockstar!" How about have some patience and do something else with your time? You know like outdoor physical activity for a change...P.S. Update 1.03 fixed the issues of starting just stressed yourself out for one day of issues. Go try to port a ps2 game to android OS with its million different phones and tablets and se...

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Speak for yourself Major Nelson, this feature is fackin awesome. Who wouldn't want to pick up and play a ps4 game of any kind anywhere they damn well please. I'm a huge fan of it and it works pretty flawlessly and will only get better once they get more titles.

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But Gran turismo 2 still plays fantastic on the galaxy note 3! Best GT game of all time!

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I can't wait to bang a hooker, then sick Spike on her ass and get my money back from that slut!

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Or Narcolepsy, because if he thinks the trailer sucks he is hallucinating.

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This is an obvious desperate attempt to get hits to the irrelevant website Fate of the game. Nice try though as I'm sure you succeeded in getting hits.

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Holy shit, I've been saying ever since I got the Vita that the only games I'd love to play on it are 5 for sure,
1. Grand Theft Auto(of Course)
2. Elder Scrolls
3. Ea Sports UFC
4. NCAA Football 14(Export draft to #5...)
5. Madden 25
If they made those happen, the replay factor on the Vita would jump enormously and Vita Owners would not be able to put these handhelds down for one second as these games have amazing depth and replay value...

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Got mine at, love both amazon and newegg...Haven't had a bad experience with both retailers. As long as newegg doesn't delay it, I should be fine!

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Sure it's a great lineup no doubt, but numerous developers have said how much easier it is to develop for the ps4, given the lower price point, it's fair to say sony will have the best games throughout it's console life...Sony PS4 win's this battle, day one purchase for me.

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Preorder done for ps4, didn't even have to consider it. Sony number 1 baby!

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Hasn't XBOX charged for XBOX live service for years? I imagine they will continue to do so, I don't play online that much but PS has always giving back the money tenfold with the content that is released to PS plus members, I for one won't see anything wrong with 60 bucks a year...

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Even if it's the same price it still wins with no DRM ladies and gents!!!

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The crowd must be Heat fans...

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Can't take my eyes off Watch dogs! This game looks as good or dare I say better then Grand theft Auto 5, anyone agree?!

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Looks better then the xbox one, I don't care what you say...

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It's gonna help tremendously if they make some great games cross compatible. I want to be able to play a legit franchise mode on Madden ps3 and be able to grab my vita and play that very same franchise. . I am particularly into sports games so I'd love to see Fight Night vita....EA ufc vita, nba 2k 14 vita, these would knock the dust off my vita! !

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Another negative article about the Vita, Jesus Christ cry me a freakin river....Damn good system they made, it beats the shit out of the nintendo 3ds in every single way. The games are waaaaay better then mobile phone games and 3ds games and are just shy of ps3 quality. As far as the games? They will come, especially since the announcement of the ps4 and remote play with Ps Vita...jackass.

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My 7
1. Persona 4
2. Madden 13
3. Assassin's Creed Vita
4. Little BIG planet
5. Super Stardust Delta
6. Uncharted
7. Retro city Rampage

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