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A few thoughts there. We know that Kiwami 2 has been made and will almost assuredly be localized sometime between late this year and early next year. Given that Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 were all developed on the PS3 (as compared to the first two games which were PS2 titles), I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that sometime after Yakuza 2 is released, they'll announce a Yakuza HD collection which will contain all three of the mainline PS3 entries ported to PS4 with some visual enhanceme...

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I don't know how much credibility it has, but there was a posting on the sub-reddit fighting game community "r/kappa" which actually mentioned talked about this leak a few weeks ago. For what it's worth, the guy who leaked it seemed to have a lot of specific info which correlates with the things we're hearing now. The posting is worth reading, as it mentions DMC5 with Dante, Vergil, and Nero all playable and that the official trailer will come during PSX.

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I'm guessing you're talking about Persona 4, with the Harcore Risette Fan trophy. I wasn't able to get that during my first playthrough, but there are guides specifically on it. From the moment you get Rise, you need to get her to have 250 lines of dialogue, while there should be over 400 lines specifically for her dialogue in the game, not including scans, because it sounds like the non-text dialogue about scans won't count (however, hearing their elemental weaknesses will co...

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
- Mid generation console revisions
- Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 being localized (my personal favorite tidbit)

2. Most Anticipated Game of 2017
- Yakuza Kiwami
- Nioh
- Nier: Automata
- Persona 5
- Shenmue 3
- Ni No Kuni 2
- Red Dead Redemption 2

3. Fail of the Year
Disappointing, broken, or just plain ole bad
- United Front G...

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1. Best Voice Acting (Character and Voice Actor)
- Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 3) - Doug Cockle
- Neptune (Megadimension Neptune VII) - Melissa Fahn
- Ratchet - (Ratchet & Clank) - James Arnold Taylor

2. Best Art Direction
- Odin Sphere Leifthraiser
- Dark Souls 3
- Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

3. Best Story
- Odin Sphere Leifthraiser
- God Eater Resurrection
- The Witch and...

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1. Best New Video Game Character
- Dragon Quest Heroes' Protagonist
(That little dude is hilarious and awesome)

2. Best Single Player Experience
- Odin Sphere Leiftraiser
- Dragon Quest Heroes
- Megadimension Neptunia VII

3. Best Multiplayer Experience
- God Eater Resurrection / God Eater 2: Rage Burst
- Dark Souls 3

4. Best DLC
- The Binding of Isaac: Afterbi...

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You are indeed correct. The Yakuza as an organization dates back quite a ways. And in fact, within the Yakuza game series there were two games which are set in Feudal Japan. The first was on PS3, called "Yakuza Kenzan!" (actually the Japanese name for the series is "Ryu Ga Gotoku" which translates to "Like A Dragon", and so that game was "Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!" which is "Like A Dragon Arrives!"). That game actually utilizes the characters from...

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I'm right with you. I've had this pre-ordered since the moment it was available. Without a doubt, this, Nier: Automata and NiOh are all definite purchases for me. I'd like to get Gravity Rush 2 as well, but I might have to hold off on that until I get through one or two of these others.

The great thing about Yakuza is that it offers more than just a single "experience". For example, if you end up wanting a break from the normal combat scenarios, there&...

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@cfc83, Localization refers to all the efforts required to release a title outside of its native land, and/or can refer to the release itself. Those efforts might include voice acting being added in some cases, or it might end up just being subtitles. What Fishy Fingers is referring to, is the fact that several games in the Yakuza series haven't even made it outside of Japan. Some of them include Yakuza: Kenzan!, Yakuza: Ishin, and the PSP Yakuza Black Tiger games.


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Yakuza 0 is a prequel game to the rest of the series. So you can start with this one and know nothing about the characters or story, and get introduced to everything very easily. And since you mentioned it, Kiwami is a remake of the first game, so if you end up enjoying Yakuza 0, you'll be able to transition right into Kiwami with a solid understanding of the characters, gameplay, and situations happening.

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Just for point of reference on the situation, Amazon's Lumberyard engine is actually based on the entire architecture of Crytek's CryEngine. Earlier last year, Crytek was in a bad position financially (similar to what they are again going through), so Amazon offered them a substantial stipend of money to acquire what was essentially a copy of the source code for their engine. Amazon's software department added/changed some features and adjusted the UI a bit, decided on a structure...

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If you haven't experienced the series yourself, it's not an easy thing to explain in just a few words. The Yakuza series takes the genres of beat 'em up, open world exploration, RPG/JRPG, and mini-game compilation all together with a very human story deeply rooted in the Japanese underworld. People enjoy them because they offer a lot of gameplay with a massive amount of variety for what you want to do, and typically offering a more engaging story than many of today's AAA title...

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One of the linked stories beneath this one mentions that the North American demo for it should be released on Dec 22. The original Nier was an interesting and different kind of approach for both storytelling and game design. That said, this looks like a very smooth and interesting game which I'm very much looking to.
Linked story for the demo date - http://n4g.com/news/...

Kiwami is actually a full remake of the first game with every asset re-created using new models and textures. It also includes a massive amount of new content not present in the original game, including some new cutscenes and information about characters, more mini-games, improvements to the combat system, and a tons of other updates all around. Aside from the main story and general world design being pretty closely aligned to the original, it's actually very much like a new game.

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I know the feeling bud. I don't know if they'll ever bring those over, which is why I ended up getting an imported copy of Ishin and I'm starting the game by using a guide to follow along. It's not as easy to play through and fully enjoy, but if you happen to have a tablet/PC/laptop you can keep handy while playing it, just use this site ( http://www.khhsubs.com/proj... ) and you'll be able to unde...

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This and the Yakuza 6 announcements were absolutely excellent surprises! Like you said, it's hard to get better than two Yakuza titles along with Persona next year. Without question, these additions made next year my most anticipated year for gaming in quite a long time.

And that's not accounting for the other awesome releases. Gravity Rush 2, Ni-Oh, Tales of Berseria, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Danganronpa (both the remaster of 1 and 2, as well as the release of 3), Nier ...

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Haha, sorry Lipton. But for those who want a tl;dr version... there's already a lot of variables that could create an advantage - see above for those points. Framerate is important to a lot of gamers and is a problematic area with games right now. They're allowing devs to improve everything in their games, except they're not allowed to push multiplayer games that were intended to stick at 30 fps to framrates above that. Since this is an enthusiast device, and that myriad of other ...

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I completely agree, and framerate is one of the points of concern I have moving forward. The biggest reason that I bought a Pro was for improved framerates moving forward on 1080p titles, and this would be a prime example of a game that deserves it. I think when Digital Foundry was running their base tests on this game with their theoretical Neo hardware based on the specs that had leaked, it seemed entirely feasible that 60 fps was not only possible, but they could have it nearly consistent ...

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It's also worth noting that InXile has actually run Kickstarters for 3 different projects already prior to this Wasteland 3 Fig campaign. The first one (as mentioned in your article) is Wasteland 2, but their other Kickstarter projects were "Torment: Tides of Numanera" and "The Bard's Tale IV". Wasteland 2 raked in over 3 million in Kickstarter and Paypal funding, while Torment managed to accrue over 4.2 million, and The Bard's Tale about 1.5 million. It is ver...

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Agreed. The counter argument I would pose to those who feel that this would provide an unfair advantage, is that there are already many things that can provide advantages, some of which that could be potentially more significant (or considered unfair). Buying a higher-end router, having a better/closer internet provider, or purchasing a higher end bandwidth plan from your ISP are all factors that can give players a much more significant advantage than the framerate might.


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