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okay gametime you idiot all of those things are stupid as hell anyways, nobody cares if you have a memory stick or internal power supply, last time I checked I or anyone I know buys a console for those reasons you jag off. We all know that late at night you hide under your sheets playing with yourself and crying wondering what piece of sh!t lies sony will give you next

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you can shove it up your @ss too cause your comments arn't needed either

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Okay now I love my 360 alot but the comments about PS3 zero and all this crap needs to stop because your the one starting flamewars just as we got done dealing with SSJ. I don't prefer to play PS2 and I won't buy a PS3 just because my preferred system that I am used and accustomed to is the 360 but to make ignorant g@y comments like that arn't needed. The PS3 will have just the same problem as the 360 overheating on occasion I'm sure, no product goes on market without defects initially as m...

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In another recent poll taken, 99.5% of PS3 enthusiasts would love to play with each other in the shower

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Okay guys here it is. I own a 360, its not because I hate the PS3 its just that my honestly first gaming system I bought was an xbox and its what I am used to and enjoy playing. I do enjoy playing some ps2 games as my little brother owns the system and I am big into sports games which he owns so I do play them. With all these new games coming out I think its unfair for people to bash on one system. Nobody is forcing out our wallets saying we have to buy these games so if we don't like how...

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SSJ shut the H*ll up this site was changed to keep people like you from posting non relevant stuff about a certain system, if you hate 360 so much go to the ps3 portion and write about it there..your comments are pure ignorance so just shove it you moron

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