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Ignore history and you're doomed to repeat it. I've played BF for years but now I wait and won't buy it until they fix all the issues, and some will never be fixed and you'll have to accept that or move on.

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Gender is only an issue if you make it one. I'm male and I like playing as attractive females, because I am genetically programed to enjoy looking at them. Having them in the game adds another source of entertainment. It'd be great if people focused on real issues that effect real people.

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I'd play a lower quality version if it supported Move controllers and PSVR for sword fighting.

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They're lining up already to be BF'd by dice/ea's BF1 ;), people forget the major issues BF3, BF4, etc have had for a long time after release until they finally patch it all up.

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I like both but cheating in MP games seems to be much worse on PC, so I play games like BF4 on PS4 (and hopefully dead by daylight eventually). Mods are about the only thing I miss, not the upgrading, editing cfg files to get better fps, finding the best mouse, etc.

I don't like the direction Sony is heading by releasing a better console already though, since it could give MP players a big advantage over the old PS4 users, if I wanted pay to win I'd buy a new gaming...

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Good thing white flight is easier with a spaceship ;).

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I've seen enough early streams to know this game is great, and much better than I expected since I kept hype low because of the price and inde game etc. I actually preordered when I hadn't planned to buy it until after release when I could get a good look at it through streamers etc to judge its worth. Just make sure you like this type of game, I'm an explorer so the huge variety is great for me.

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I'd be more hyped if I knew it supported PSVR, hopefully by xmas.

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I can't wait to... see what happens when it's released ;). I'll watch some streams etc and see how much it's really worth.

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His face (in that pic) was like a traffic accident, I couldn't look away.

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I'm waiting to see what happens, I'll read reviews, watch streams, etc and only pay what it's really worth. I hope there's a PSVR version.

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They need to 'upgrade' the ugly ring indicating which enemy you're fighting, it stands out in a bad way.

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I like when enemies can be made to hit harder, but I hate if they take an absurd (and boring) amount of damage to kill.

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Or EA only included them to make more money by luring the "urban youth" away from CoD and the white younglings that believe they're "gangsta."

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I'm glad the fans or anti-SJWs are doing all of this art, but the original Tracer was nothing special to look at.

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The average player (on your team) will steal your vehicle while you're repairing it, so of course they have to regenerate. Unless the lazy slobs at ea/dice can come up with a way to protect your ownership if you're forced to repair it yourself.

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The shadow in that tiny video looks like a dinosaur's.

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The trash talking is just EA's plot to seem cool with kids, so they can steal some CoD players. I welcome the noobs, it'll be a good harvest this year.

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EA made them delete it because they didn't want the CoD devs to bring up how broken BF4 and BF3 were (at and beyond launch) and how team balancing is broken to this day.

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Dice is the bloated lapdog of EA, disrespecting their customers in exchange for whatever their master gives them.

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