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Nope, Horizon is using Decima engine, made by Guerilla themselves. Also used for Death Stranding BTW.

Google Decima engine and some of the tech talks they made about it, great stuff!

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that was a more generic thing not specifically meant to be aimed at you

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Yep, all user reviews that are done right after the game releases are not to be taken serious.
It's really not that hard and am not sure why you assumed I would think those would, not sure why I had to even add such a thing since it seemed to me to be rather logical...

Ah well, for some people you have to spell it all out I suppose

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You name 3 things, the last one, 'writing' is a more generic overall term that also contains your first 2 items.

I've played 3 hours so far. Apparently something happened at the 2 hour mark that was bad writing somehow. I haven't seen it. Did I see something that made me tear up? Yes and I hated that it happened, but to call something badly written because you don't like what happens is nonsensical.

I haven't gotten far enough I su...

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The Joel thing? You can't be bloody serious!!!?

That was fantastic writing! Did I hate that it happened? YES, but it was fantastic writing.

People can be so weird sometimes

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if they hate it, they aren't a fan, ahhh, logic, it's so easy at times!

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It makes me want to write a lil bot to spam 0 scores on games these haters like. Something tells me the next Halo Infinite might be a nice target, hmmmmm

We'll see then if they then still think user ratings are more important!!

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Honestly, I never ever have come across a game that deserved a 10/10 rating, but these user reviews are giving it a 0 which is absolute utter nonsense.

I've played 3 hours so far and am loving it, yes, of course I hated what happened, I had tears in my eyes, which is a sign of excellent writing BTW, had the same thing with the first game after the intro.

Not liking characters, not liking the story, still does not mean a game deserves a 0/10. So far fo...

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And what are those so called 'logical reason'??

That a beloved character dies?
That a character is a lesbian even tho it was clear from the DLC of part 1 she was?
That a character doesn't look very female in someone's distorted views so she has to be transgendered?
(in a world BTW ravaged by a plague I doubt people have time have a sex change surgery!)

What other reasons are there?

Characters d...

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And I am sitting here wondering how the Scorn devs think about diminishing returns with only a 15-20% GPU power difference. Hmmmm

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And yet, the 95% of PC's out there with weaker specs than the PS5 can!

Amazeballs what some people want to believe!

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Even tho the PS5 might be weaker, the GPU power difference isn't such that this game would not be possible on the PS5. Especially when they also are releasing it for PC where many PC's have lesser specs than the PS5.

Many an Xbox fan seems to think the power gap is so huge that differences would be massive, sadly for them that will nog be the case.

Besides, if devs won't have the time to custom make games for the PS5's strengths why on ear...

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LOL, I don't know what I'm talking about when I talk about ACE's? It stands for Asynchronous Compute Engine and it's what AMD GPU's have...

I must have hit a nerve huh? Your reaction is so over the top and personal attack-y it's crazy! And I make myself look foolish? You are a funny dude!

"Both Sony AND AMD themselves have confirmed primitive shaders utilised on PS5."

Yes, bec...

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Ok, give me a link to where MS talks about the number of ACE's in their GPU! Oh wait, you can't since they never talked about it! Must not be in their GPU then huh even tho it's a normal thing to have in an RDNA2 GPU, hmmmm

If the XSX does not have any ACE's and the UE5's Nanite tech runs on that on the PS5 then yikes, this demo will not be so easy to do on the XSX....

So let's assume the XSX has them too...

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It says that primitive shaders were introduced with RDNA 1, it does not say that they removed them from RDNA 2, now does it? That no one has talked about anything else does not mean a darn thing. They also not talked about checkerboard rendering being inside the GPU like with the Pro but you can bet your butt that it is in there otherwise BC won't work so well ;)

So not talking about things is not proof that it isn't there. We just don't...

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Yes that 15-18% faster GPU is gonna double the framerate AND double the resolution!!!

Keep expectations in check because looking at the numbers there won't be much of a difference in what the 2 devices will show on screen. 2160p or 2040p (or something like that, calculated it once) is not going to be that noticeable.

If a game is able to both load faster (and actually can come closer to instantaneous than the XSX even tho their PR calls it that) and t...

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Of course it's not important! /s

Sony spend oodles of money on R&D to solve I/O bottlenecks because it's not important, or the GPU can't keep up anyway, or won't make much of a difference, etc.

Sure makes total sense!

As in: they would not have done this if it didn't give any benefits whatsoever! They would also not have done all this if they knew the GPU could not keep up, or that RAM was too slow, or, or, or.

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I wonder when Epic Games started to need money deals and flat out lie towards their customer base (developers) for it. Is Fortnite not making enough money anymore you think? Hmmm

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Mark Cerny claims to be RDNA2? That's because it IS RDNA2!

Even Lisa Siu confirmed it in a recent tweet. Or is she lying too? 😂

And where on earth did you come up with the notion that the PS5 does not have Mesh Shaders nor VRS support?

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Perhaps that is why MS didn't bother to use a faster SSD, their GPU can't keep up anyway due to all kinds of bottlenecks that Sony solved...

And your post below is full of nonsense!
- RDNA 1 primitive shaders, really?
- Direct X Raytracing is not on the GPU in the XSX either since that is a software thing...
- VRS is Xbox exclusive feature? oh really?

Got any sources for all these very bold claims? ...

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