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dude, except for some minor details, they look almost the same lol
and he did say "halo-esque"

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and i agree with the rest of the reviews. cept the dumbassess at edge and whoever scored it lower than a 9. i got my copy today, only 1 hour into it unfortunately (because i had to go back to work) and i already love the game over all the other FPS's i've played and i played them all. This is by far the best and i haven't even touched multiplayer =O

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I also picked up my copy of Killzone 2 at 10am today. There was only one guy getting it ahead of me but i saw many coming in after me. dont know for what reason but i would assume Killzone 2. the guy at the counter said he'll probably be getting calls all day asking if Killzone 2 is in, i dont blame them. The game is the sh*t!! i snuck away from work for a bit and i played it for about an hour lol. Man this game is the best out there. Love everything about it. The controls take a little time ...

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that was funny gdblose. bubble for you

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looks pretty cool! but what i'm really more curious about is if that rail gun is real?? lol

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you get another AMEN!! KZ2 does look very sexy

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an early april fools lol actually i hope it is. next week sounds good:)

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EDIT: BUT how many damn times does he have to say c o d ?? wtf? i hope he doesn't review the game for xplay i see a bad one coming if it were him lol

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that was really nice. great effects, graphics, framerate. i'm going to love this game.

OFF TOPIC: i got my pre-order at gamestop today. would someone please tell me where the code is??receipt?? i hope i wasn't supposed to ask for it lol

EDIT: @cyclind. i disagreed with yah. if the grenades blew up on impact, there would be too many "cheap" kills. the reload animation on that launcher is beautiful

DOUBLE EDIT: @ demonstalker. THANKS!! ANd....

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as much as the good community of N4G (all sony, xbox and the neutral fans) DO NOT rely on reviews that much. its funny how the rest of the world rely so much on a review. crazy.

EDIT: agree with you pawn...they should be more responsible.

QUESTION: I got my pre-order in at gamestop and do we have to ask the clerk for the demo key?? she didn't say anything about the code and i didn't ask because i was high lol does anyone know?? :-)

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atleast jack admitted to his ignorance lol

Edit: anyway on topic, the PS3 has many good games coming 2009. even multiplat since PS3 and 360 multiplats are becoming more and more identical making it just as enjoying as the other. but, KZ2 with DLC, i'm sure will keep many (including me) PS3 users occupied for a long time.

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i dont think thats what he meant. he was referring to reviews and YOU know ms published games 'somehow' get more love from reviewers than sony published games. Hopefully that trend will end with KZ2...we'll see

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Max Power why couldnt you tell me this earlier! now i can't edit lol jk. thanks though. my mistake.

nah i should've figured it out by myself i was a damn math genius! damn weed :(

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even though your show was terrible! you still have a sense of humor. f*ckin hilarious! LOL

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OPM US: 5/5
OPM UK: 9/10
OPM Aus: 10/10
OPM Spain: 9.5/10
OPM Netherlands: 91/100 (only reviewed single player) 9.9/10
576Kbyte: 9.7/10
Gameplay: 20/20
Gamepro: 5/5
MAXIM US: 3.5/5 (lol review..but I respect it)
PSX Extreme: 95/100
Hobby Consolas: 9.4/10

If there *are some missing let me know. Great scores so far!

Edit: Except of course for that damn M...

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or maybe some body oil??

on topic: Megan is hot, Jolie is hot. I say yeah...

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PSN is certainly no slouch and its free so...tough decision.

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that was great and comical man. bubbles to you.

on topic: Guess we'll just wait and see. SONY i know exactly how to market your products. Where can i fill out a resume??

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Hirai droped the ball with this one and i wont be surprised if he gets fired for spilling the beans. Sony made the new architecture of the Cell more challenging and complicated to work with and now we are led to believe that we will get BETTER and more IMMERSIVE games, right? I will be the first to say "Bravo Sony you have succeeded" why you ask (360 fanboys)?? Look at Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and God of War 3, they ALL LOOK AMAZING AND there is still 'more' that they can...

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i guess what i meant to say was i played too much of Halo 1,2,3 that I played it out on MYSELF and between all three there wasn't much of a 'difference' between part 2 and 3 other than graphics, level design, and control lay out. Other than that it was the same...hence why i said "Hope the new concept and ideas work well" ;)

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