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I was on Instagram thr other day and came across a reel about a rumor that Firesprite will be making a Horizon VR game with Aloy for the PSVR2.

Unfortunately I didn't save the reel so thats all the information I have.

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I wonder what will be said about this, or will there be more deflection.

"Rumor: Microsoft Might Be Preparing Another Bethesda-Level Acquisition" https://gamerant.com/new-mi...

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Reading these comments I guess maybe I was correct to say that I'd wait to play this game when/if it comes to Plus.

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Did not know there was a Netflix show until now, thanks, will have to look for it and check it out.

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I've been slowly playing this game for a few months now for thr first time even though I've owned it since the PS3 days, I just never got around to it until this b year on PS4.

It's a good game, and the combat is nice. I like being able to use other players pawns. The story is alright and hasn't really pulled me in as much as the battles. Taking on griffins, dragons, orges is thrilling in that thr fight tend to last a good while.

After I ...

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I did not like the Enter the Matrix game with Ghost and Niobi, but played the heck out of Path of Neo.

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Well being on PlayStation what choice do it have, I'll just play in PSVR and wander the land growing in power until I can just over power everything.

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Well I dont know anything about PCs so it doesn't affect whether the games go to PC or not. I've said since the end of the 7th gen/8th gen beginning that games were going to end up there sooner or later because at that time there was already a demand by gamers to break down the walled off gardens of consoles, specifically PlayStation.

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Just saw an article that says Nvidia Geforce NOW leaked a lot of PlayStation exclusives coming to PC.

Games like Rrturnal, Demons Souls, Ratchet and Clank, God of War and more.

If that is really true there's going to be a meltdown on N4G as the comments reach critical mass.

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I see everyone mentioning Bayonetta and other games, which I definitely can see of course.

Yet I'm surprised no one mention Vanquish, like when she was going through the green and orange tunnel sequence.

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I wonder if it will come to Plud so I can try it out.

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It was a little disheartening to not hear an announcement of a Bluepoint acquisition during the showcase.

They did not even mention their newest studio Firesprite.

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When Venom says "we" he is usually referring to himself the symbiote and who ever he is bonded with. In this instance in the alleyway as he emerges it sounds to me as though he might have been talking to Kraven the hunter, but I thought I also heard a metal clank as if it was one of Doc Ocks tentacles moving forward.

Would have liked to see all three step out of the darkness.

Since there's two spiders in thr game, I hope both are playable an...

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What franchise? Wolverine was never a franchise, there was one game on all systems, thats all. It's not even the same developers making this game that made the PS360 game.

Also I'm pretty sure with Sonys position about games going to PC it will eventually will.

I like how you excuse Bethesda/Microsoft for making many franchises that were never exclusive suddenly exclusive, but not with Sony for a character without a franchise.


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I was never really a fan of any Hulk game, but I know many people like them.

I would personally like an X-Men game, with a giant roster of present and past X-Men to choose from. One to four player drop in drop out fighting some of their greatest enemies in different locations from the comics.

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Only calling it what the article called it.

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Spidey with Kid Arachnid (only using that name to differentiate the two spiders), and Venom is going to be insane. I hope both spiders are playable with different swing and combat styles. Then add Venom to be also playable would be the cherry on top.

Then Wolvie, I knew it was him just from thr bar scene and cowboy hat, confirmation came by way of those claws popping. I hope they take some inspiration from the PS360 game, but enough of their own twist to the character. <...

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I remember seeing something about From Software making a new exclusive game for PlayStation, but not a Bloodborne sequel. Hoping there's some truth to that rumor.

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Never owned an Xbox, but had a friend that did have a 360. Only thing he wanted to play was sports and an occasional FPS, that was when I played the first three Gears of Wars.

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If this remaster only has minimal updates and as others are saying a basic pc port, then I will wait to see if it ever arrive on Plus.

Always thought the game seemed interesting, but not willing to spend forty dollars for a decade old game that looks and plays the same as when originally released.

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