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I was jumping with joy when they announced this, until i took a wooden chair to the knee...

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China... :P

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Definitely THE surprise of 2015.

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Yeah. Recent scientific studies have proven that its actually extremely healthy to mastu... oh.. wait...

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Oh.. ah damn it. Thanks. :D

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Anyone faced terminal hacking problems? Example the password i chose "shame". It told me likeliness = 0. But every other passwords contains the letters "S" and an "A" or even an "E" ? I'm on ps4 btw.

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yeah, he's one of the very few who dont kiss ass...

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Lousy_GT_Driver invite me please... :)

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no Syphon Fitlter love ?

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have fun with her while you can... :( Cos it's not gonna last forever. T_T

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yeah man, 3 is the best for me story wise... gameplay, i have to give it to 4, and peacewalker, and 2 and ori and V, eff it... i love mgs.

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omg! hhahahaha... it will effing hilarious!

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ahh, and i wasted hours to level up r&d and medicine facilities to get the stun rifle... lol...

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I've been playing TPP everyday Until Dawn, now Max is Mad at me because I got no time to walk him. :(

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And i don't know why you got disagrees... Side ops, not only is fun, but it helps building your motherbase and get highly skilled staffs

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im playing it already... almost 8hrs in, and barely scratched the surface...

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well, kojima did say "last mgs" since, well, forever... so i wont be surprised to see a future metal gear game... metal gear liquid or something, who knows?

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of course not. MGS deserves to be played by everyone!

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Cool, i'll be definitely getting this one...

I loved Heavy Rain, I'm sure I'll love this one as well...

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hell yeah, gt7.

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