Nibbling a carrot.


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Doesn't Blurred Lines have full frontal female nudity?


I was right.

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And yet portal 2 has nice smooth textures.

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You Only Win Once?

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I see what you did there

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Maybe if some of you people understood on a technical level what he's talking about, then you wouldn't be saying excuses.

Yes, it was rushed, but not as badly as you might think. Games are one of the most difficult things to code, period. So many things can go wrong it's not even funny, and that's often in just a few test scenarios.

I recently fixed my own timing issue where an updated bios messed with my memory profile selection, causing quit...

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Wow, that was really good.

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Console shortage simply means that there's less supply than there is demand. There's never 0 consoles in stock worldwide, but there can be in 75% of the stores.

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It's linux that boots into big picture mode.

Steam is a distribution platform, games and programs are compiled for specific OS.

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More like the nail in the coffin.

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Hacking can be really easy or hard. Hacking can be pulling out the touchpad and sticking in a PS4 type analog stick.

But even if you don't know...
"We plan to make tools available that will enable users to participate in all aspects of the experience, from industrial design to electrical engineering."

That makes it clear that you won't have to.

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It is literally a PC but with a custom case (very well designed) and custom input (custom controller, possibly others. They were really interested in biofeedback but they found out that the hands are a bad place to try that instead of say, ears.)

This custom OS you speak of will be publicly available to download and install after release. SteamOS = Linux. That's actually really good though. Linux is perhaps the second most supported with drivers and software next to windo...

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My brother was thinking about getting one, but we use optical audio for the home theatre. So much for that...

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Jebe didn't even say if it was okay or not. He just said, actually it's pirating not hacking, yea doofus.

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It's easy to tell he was joking. Some people just get offended too quickly and slam the disagree button.

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Somehow you just explained exactly why it is failing so hard.

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I had to scroll to the bottom of the comments to find an intelligent person who actually read the article.

A moment of silence for the people of n4g, who were defeated today by 'Misleading Title' in the lands of 'Flamebait'

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Post of the year.

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How was the first year a bit dodgy? That's like saying the service at McDonalds was a bit dodgy but only because there was an attempted armed robbery this one time that shut it down for a while.

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My brother can't download the free game for some reason. It's just not showing up on his.

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Just imagine if the price you paid for xbox live also got you multiple free games. Now imagine that but $10 less a year.

I think playstation has been pushing this more for less thing and some people are too blind to even see it.

Everyone knows this, genius.

"Guess what? I pay for cable internet and get to go online for free! Ya.. doesn't make sense."
"I pay Xbox Live G...

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