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I already took back my statement bro :(

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Hey bro can you tell me what's your pc setup and cost. I'll be much obliged.

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Kungfu panda :)

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I will be verrrrrrrrrry disappointed if it ended at 720p. :(

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:) yeah bro that will be the best version. Can you tell me about your setup and cost bro.

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720p :(

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What about resolution?

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I know bro. But so far from the videos I have seen I doubt it will be better than gta 5.

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Well you are right my friend but I was only stating that because you can do so many things in gta 5. There are so many activities. I doubt there will be that much content in this game. But yeah, let's wait as you say.

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Gta 5 is better than this game IMO.

Lol so many disagrees. All right man, I am taking back my statement :) happy now

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It was on pc without doubt bro.

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Please don't compare a game in pre alpha stage with a game nearing its launch.

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Hmmm that's a big downgrade.

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Sorry ohlmay, this latest iteration is not as linear as previous killzone games. Kz sf has large open spaces. A bit of crysis like. Just google it and find more.

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Have you seen those particle effects in infamous pumpkin :P will put your gta 4 pc to shame. What about large scale destruction in gta 4 pc?

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Even after your continuous babbling, there are many pc gamers who will buy next gen consoles. Keep crying Nvidia.

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Nvidia you really want to come in the limelight. Am I right?
Yep. I am.

Instead of starting a console vs pc war, can't you just shut up!

Pathetic cry baby Nvidia blah blah blah.

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Bro I think so its because of the CPU in these systems. Dice needs to work hard on optimizing the game for multi threaded CPU's of these two systems.

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Both x1 and ps4 disappointed me with bf4 :(

I hope final product turns out better. :)

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