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@Imalwaysright - Amen Brother!

Finally someone with some sense! Sometimes, I think these kids go against the grain just to be rebellious, there is no way they can be this stupid.

The crazy thing is those agreeing with them, simply to try and secure a victory for team Sony even though they know they are backing a foolish comment.

Bubbles Up

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@plmkoh - seriously are you that dumb. Do you really think that Sony is completely innocent in this matter? That the reason no money was stolen is because of something Sony did.

Perhaps the hackers themselves felt no need to take money and they simply wanted to expose sony's negligence.

I must agree with Yourcall about one thing, your blind loyality is both scary and stupid.

He used 3 links in his last comment and you managed to explain...

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Very well said oohwii.

Also, to hell with Japan. MS would do much better to pull out of Japan and use that money and marketing in a less hostile region. Increase efforts in South America and cut your losses in Japan. They don't give a damn about western products, why should we give a damn about them. From a product/import standpoint.

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@KonaBro - That was the dumbest comment I've heard in a while. Let me make sure I get this right, a multi-million dollar company slacks on something as routine as network security, try and hide it until they were exposed, then the come clean, fix the shit that shouldn't have been broken in the first place.

And now since they fixed something that they now have no choice but to fix it, you feel that people should not bring it up. That was an idiotic statement.

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@KageMonkey - Even though I don't believe that you (you personally) have bought tens of thousands of MAC addresses...blah blah blah.

I do agree with you in the fact they are bought in unique blocks. Once a company received their block of MACs, they can distribute them as they please i.e to an enbedded system, a sub contractor manufacturing a project for them or whatever. In a lot of cases the manufacturers MAC will remain like in network card an adapter manufacturing ...

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Sony numbers are sold to retail while the 360 numbers are sold to customers. The real game is about 5mil in the 360s favor.

Spin it all you want folk, deep down you know the truth.

Funny how sony always seens to wait til MS releases their numbers so that they can spin theirs.

Well number know the real numbers because everyone keeps lying.

I agree wit Livin...comment also.

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Here's a music dedication for you guys.


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I agree KingMe is does appear to be rambling on about a bunch of nothing.

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@Bathyj - Yes ROCKET SCIENTIST I do know what Quotes are!

Obviously you don't know what they are, or you wouldn't have asked me if I was talking to you now would you have?

Unless somewhere in your comment you actually said you were an avid 360 player which I don't see. Do you?

Besides, anyone that have used this site for more than 15 minutes would be an IDIOT to mistake you for an avid 360 player, being that 90 percent of y...

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Avid 360 player my ass!

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Here we go again.

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@Jukins - That was a stupid arguement. Don't forget were are talking about a video game here.

Stop trying to make the concept overly difficult.

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@hALGHASTdRAKE - That was pretty damn pathetic.

You sound like a butt hurt fool. Quit it already!

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Nice one Madden, once again providing nothing to the conversation.

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Haha, Madden has been relegated to a parttime N4G troll. He only shows up to add to the already overwhelming troll population and never seems to add anything constructive to the conversation.

No surprise there though.

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Haha, Nice. I like that.

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haha, wow again! What the hell does chatting with 7 people on "PSN" have to do with "Avatar Kinect" which is a 360 product? Did I miss something, can 360 user chat in PSN through their xboxes now?

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Wow, Ironmonkey!

That was the definition of trolling. You're running your mouth and don't even know how the hell Avatar Kinect works...lol

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Your comment is actually lame.

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uh, actually it's 8.4

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