im happy playing edgeworld


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How much bullshit can we take from the same topic

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You just ok been treated like a second class gamer MS need to gtfo

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Hot potato ¡!!!!!!!¡

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The 2 first comments are from some butt hurt pussy fanboys 😂

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Fake news from a fake sell reporting site !
tttatts all folk there is a reason MS don't report sell numbers and Sony and the others report when they want to.

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With out update hardware all you have is a console

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Septic more like The Silent Lurker
Seriously though the cult people are driving you insane lol. There is only 3 option for you either you are MR X the clown with he web site, if not then you are just a real ms fanboy or actually one of they employee because da way you defend a company is showing and you defend MS .

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This is like a copy/ paste thing
Every GT has done it ,they improve each generation that's why old car models from earlier games only look slightly better.
Bet on the old car to be there just not looking like the new 137 car models they have for when the game releases.
This more like adding 137 new cars to their existing library of cars..

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Gt6 best game Eva

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Even that was taken from them boyz

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Desperate times calls form ridiculous claims lol maybe next time xbots won't be second class gamers

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Ms can't get on the new so at least they have to talk about Sony

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I have a feeling MS & Sony one day will join..

Reality strikes again!

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Go back in the cave

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Or maybe because Less people want own the POS xbox

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Expect the worst hope for the ???

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Don't let a fanboy hurt your xbot feelings !!!

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Xbots feel abandoned much ???
It should be alright you xboys been thru this before!!

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Yea dump more money into a fail brand..

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