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even if ps3 was going to get this patch eventually, the reason 360 gets it now is cause the series was originally made for pc. ms made developing for the 360 similar to pc, thats why 360 promotes "games for windows" and almost all their hits go to pc. IF ps3 gets this patch, it'd be later on cause the pc and 360 versions can basically done at the same time

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its SOOOOOOOO funny that ms:
- has hardware issues
- charges for online services when sony doesnt
- doesnt come with blu ray (not that people are buying those things.....)
- changes their skus all the time
- came into this gen with an itty bitty line of exclusives


you'd have to be down with down syndrome to buy into a company who keeps getting handed opportunities and ALWAYS screws up. sony fell down comi...

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"next gen doesnt happen until sony says it does :)"

then why is sony so far behind in this gen?

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how does someone say that ms fans "spin" the numbers, but the ARTICLES keep coming saying the same things the ms fans are saying? since when did the word "spin" replace the word "truth"?

and why do people tag microsoft as m$, when sony is the one who wont drop the price and sales a shiney, wildly espensive, under performing failure of a machine.

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makes you think that sony better get their sh*t in gear so they dont lose the ps2 users to 360. the ps2 is the best console of all time, and the ps3 is the bi-polar retard with a boner in sweat pants at a wedding.

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gets my vote for game of the year. to 360 owners, it will NOT lag or glitch at all if you burn it to your harddrive. i dont know if ps3 owners have the same option but if they do i strongly suggest they do that.

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the bigger picture is this:

parents are buying wiis and 360's this holiday season, in addition to that ms and nintendo have sold more than sony. so when kids are exposed to their friends consoles which are 360's and wiis, they're more likely to want one of those for their next birthday or xmas.

when the attach rate increases like that for the rivals, sony is less likely to talk new ip's into being sony exclusive. and with that attach rate comes a bigger sales discr...

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i'm not a sony fan. but this looks like a good game. hope they get it released soon for their x-mas sells.

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does anyone know how to play these games on xp since they are made for 95/98's dos?

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this is pretty cool

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how come in this list of reasons why sony didnt get exclusives did the guy not mention devs losing faith in sony, or "not enough units sold"

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that's interactive diaroma, the scene where mc is, that an elite is standing right there, not doing anything to help mc although they are supposed to be teaming up?

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yeah but #3 has pads with "wings" plus the abortion coupons. you can only get this plasmid if you sit on a big dady's face while he's sleeping.

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it includes:
the "riptide menstrual-blood plasmid"
the "incredibly annoying gilbert godfrey screaming plasmid"
the "splicers gone full-blown retarded plasmid"
the "kurt cobain plasmid" (just herion in the syringe)
and the "this game isnt coming to ps3 cause they have problems supporting complex AI plsmid"

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i called toys r us and the guy said "no we sold of them this morning" i asked if he knew any other stores that had any and he said "no, we were the only store that sold it early". its kidna crazy he admitted it

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when's the last time metallica made a good, repectable decision?

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"and dont want to risk loosing their console for a month or two but would rather... "

a month or two? it takes a week at the most...

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why is this tard still around? they played his entire movie including the scenes that wont make it into the movie and it STILL didnt make sence.... most movies have a large portion you could cut out and it'd still make sence, this guy keeps getting rewarded for failing. its sad

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is it still news when sony rips off some one else's idea? i thought this became common knowledge

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