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I don't want to fight it, I want to worship it

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O sucks to be you then (in that you choose Evil dead over HFW - Goty 2022)

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Feb is one crazy month.

Was already sold on sifu from the first second of gameplay they showed

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Same! I was sold on Sifu on the first trailer. Damn, February is so damn stacked for ps owners

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I want a demons Souls remake remake right now

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A what?

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Lmfao at everyone above.

I love my switch. I really do. But it is no direct competitor to xbox and playstation. It's very much appealing to the casual market, and it's a great supplementary console to your xbox or ps, but in no way does it compare directly to a ps5 or series x lmao. So it's great to see it do well, it isn't dethroning anyone.

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Hellblade 2 looked jaw dropping, it was obvious that was real time gameplay. You could clearly see her character was walking and getting controlled. I'd buy a series x just for this one, but who knows when this will release. Im expecting late 2023

It gave me the same reaction from when I first saw the order 1886.

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Crossfire x is a console LAUNCH exclusive => it's launching exclusively on xbox series first, then after some time, it can launch on other platforms. It's pretty simple really, and we've been through this 100 times before.

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It will come to ps5 just like stalker 2 (looks insane) will, and just like the medium and the Ascent did.

Not that I care anyway, 2022 has far bigger games I'm looking forward to.

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Jealous because it's a timed ps5 exclusive. You know it looks good, hence why you are jealous.

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" something that was missing in the majority of the trailers" O really🤣🤣 News to me.

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Sorry, demons Souls and ratchet are always next gen. And deliver on it.

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And also the remaining 2/3rds

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It looks VERY boring.

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Looks K.

The unreal engine 5 demo released last year was far more impressive.

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Who says Microsoft is publisher of the year? Some random dude? 🤣🤣🤣

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Terry_ B

Doesn't make use of the power of the console? Maybe get your eyes checked

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It's average.

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