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Yeah, I’m not necessarily talking about the specifics of this game, though even then, I can see a scenario where a company developing a game around a specific mythology might still want some input on how to best approach certain aspects in other markets.

I also wasnt talking necessarily about whether the price is right or not (or anything specific about THIS controversial firm) because I honestly have no reference to how expensive it normally i...

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I dont know, a consulting firm offering services to a company from a different plac, that is no doubt also trying to reach the market said consulting firm is located in, seems like a perfectly reasonable scenario to me.

Same if the company would reach out to consulting firms instead.

Obviously thats unrelated to the specifics of the consulting firm in question and whether the other company is interested in that kind of assistance for their product.

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I dont think any of the rumors about the handheld have discussed as a closed Xbox Series platform.

Rather, it would be a Windows handheld with Xbox branding, just like the Rog, Legion, etc (they were apparently working on a modified version of Windows for it). So I would still expect people to be able to use Steam or other launchers.

I guess the biggest difference between this and a Rog would be the same thing that differentiated the Steam Deck, which is ...

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What good does it do to create an account (with fake information from another country) if the game isnt released in Steam in that country anyway?

Or are you expecting people to also have to create another steam account in another country in order to link it to the PSN account they now have to make, just to be able to play Sony games?

Its a dumb and unnecessary situation, simple as that

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They are definitely making a lot on that for sure (which the $70 price increase factors into as well), but its not like many of those games werent around for the PS4 too.

They might be counting the gen as a whole and not just PS5 itself (so extra profit from PC sales, whatever that may be)

PS+ price increase and different tiers probably amount to part of that too.

But in general, its still quite a surprising ...

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Many games stick to a specific version of the Engine they had already been using to avoid delays, problems with migrations to newer stuff etc.
The version being released in September isnt really relevant, just that they decided to make the jump to it at some point in development, which is arguably good news since we know with each iteration, performance has been getting much better

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The interesting metric for me is the $106billion in operating income/profit (not sales as mentioned in the article) reaching the same as the PS4 did with only half the consoles sold.

In particular because they all are supposed to be making the most per hardware sold after a few years when manufacturing costs are down.

So even putting inflation aside(and the higher console price), it is interesting that they could reach PS4 $ with just half the consoles so...

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To be honest, a strong start is always expected, but the games tend to fall off quickly (aside from HD2 of course). The SP games havent sold that amazingly on PC recently (with Zero Dawn still being the highest seller). We already saw the numbers with the leaks

While I dont really expect Sony to ever (or at least any time in the short or mid future) release the SP games day one on PC, waiting 1+ years might be affecting their sales potential.

I honestly a...

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I was interested in those AC games and in FC6, I have played every one of their previous titles.

Both Valhalla and FC6 suffered from an extreme amount of bloat that has become typical of almost all Ubi games for quite a few years already.

I never said they were bad or terrible games, I dont think they are good either. Games are ultimately meant to be fun/entertaining, so one of the worst sins a game can commit is to be boring.

Thats why...

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I liked odyssey, was bored out of my mind but finished Valhalla and couldnt even get past a couple of hours of FC6, so yeah, probably not the best examples to bring out.

I think the last Ubi game I thoroughly enjoyed was Immortals Fenyx Rising (such a horrible name…). It had quite a lot of variety in its gameplay (still some Ubi bloat but mostly acceptable)

Even with its DLCs, it was an interesting approach for the most part (a focus on endgame puzzle dun...

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I wouldnt say they are overpriced, they certainly dont lack content or production values.

My biggest issue is that the “made by committee” feel for Ubi games has become way too apparent recently. They end up feeling bloated and boring because its been years since all Ubi games feel the same

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Not saying some devs dont cut content, because it definitely happens, but many times its also just some clear lack of understanding of how game development (or most software development for that matter)

People tend to think that every single developer is working on the same thing at the same time without considering that many of them will be over with their initial tasks for the base game long before the rest of the team is finishing up the game and they obviously wont just...

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Yes, and how many people dont play any game that forces those launchers?

How many people avoid any other store other than Steam or GoG like its the plague?

Yes, of course there will always be people that use then because they would rather play the games.

But the idea that its just now that PC gamers have complained or “boycotted” a game because it forces the use of another app/login/launcher is completely ridiculous, it has been happeni...

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They already do, its the reason why the Epic Games store is still losing money, why Origin failed, etc

This whole idea that PC gamers havent been fighting against separate launchers, mandatory accounts, etc up until now just because its Sony is just dumb

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Why even sell the game in those countries then? If you want to take the conversation to the game having the requirement since the very beginning, then the game should have never been listed by Sony in any country other than the 69 they support.

There is literally 0 reasons that benefit any gamer by being forced to create/link a PSN account, therefore 0 reason to support Sony’s dumb decisions regarding this

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He is not, there are 100s of countries where people cannot make a PSN account and a Steam account is possible.

There is a reason why the game was also delisted from almost 200 countries.

Its a stupid move from Sony. They could simply make the PSN link optional (and actually offer something useful with it, like other devs do that use cross saves with it)

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I dont think anyone is saying they need to come out every 2 years (not to mention almost no game is released that quickly anymore)

By the time Fallout 5 comes out, it will be more than 15 years since Fallout 4 came out (same with ES6 coming out 15 years after Skyrim). Even if you want to use F76 as the metric for the most recent release, that one came out in 2018. It will be a miracle if F5 comes out before 2030

The point is that for a studio that doesnt ...

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In terms of performance, not really. FPS boost was already getting the game to 60.

But they are adding some other fixes and adding some stuff for free from the Creation Club

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They are not actually charging $80 for the glove.

The glove is a special unlockable that you get if you buy all 4 packs of Godzilla x Kong that each has their own set of items.

Saying the glove costs $80 is no different than saying a preorder or collector’s edition skin costs $70-150+ in any other game because its the only way to get it, leaving aside everything else you get for that amount paid

That aside, I have always found $15-20+ m...

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Yes it does… its literally linked to the render time.

A lower FPS means higher frametime, 33ms at 30fps (in avg of course)

If someone is measuring click to photon latency of 100ms at 30fps, then you know 33ms of those 100 are directly tied to the render time and then work out where the other 67 are from.

If you measure those same 100ms at 120fps, then its only 6ms of render time and you have 90+ ms on latency...

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